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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Linky-Loos

My favorite posts for the week!

Money and Finances
  • Casting Stones: When is it Okay to Judge?:  Oh gosh, I have trouble with this one.  The weird thing is, I feel constantly judged due to the amount that we travel, but people fail to realize how little we spend on other things.  
  • The Calculus of Cats & Dogs: A follow up article to the "Casting Stones" article above, discussing one hot topic in the article - pets.  (You can also see another weigh in on the subject at The Simple Dollar)
Running and Fitness
    Save the Oceans!
    Funny Things
    • How to Get Comments: In case you weren't sure how to get some comments on your blog.
    • Texas:  Another goodie from Hyperbole and a Half, this one is sort of about running!


    Mary said...

    Really, when it comes to money, unless someone has GOOD reason to believe that you can't afford the lifestyle you have--as in, you are borrowing money from people or it's clear that someone else in your household is suffering because of your spending. Otherwise, if you can afford it, it's nobody's business. A lot of people don't put very much thought into the long term implications of a lot of their lifestyle choices, and their jealousy when other people can do things that look impossible to them.

    One area that I do get a little judgey in is that I think more people with some means should make charitable giving of some sort more of a priority, more like a church tithing concept (even if the money isn't going to a religious org) than just sporadic giving here and there. But, I recognize that this concept is so far outside the mainstream in our culture that I can't get too hung up over it.

    Wacky Neighbor said...

    I read that column on GRS, too. Sorry, but JD's first instincts were right - his friend is living irresponsibly, especially given that he has a family to care for. As for his millionaire neighbor ... life is too short to eat moldy oranges or worry about using a second paper towel. It's really OK.

    I half-watched the Jillian show. Meh.

    onelittletrigirl said...

    I think I made my thoughts on Jillian pretty clear, so probably no need to express them again here :)

    I try not to judge people, but I am human. I don't think it is so much about how much a person has, but more the way they act because of their priveledges that bothers me.

    Mary said...

    Also, the more often I see Jillian, the more I think she has really disordered ideas about food and weight. Like, she was really unhappy when she was overweight, so she can't understand that someone else might not be.

    Kim said...

    I think it can be so difficult to see someone making mistakes that you've already made or overcome. Whether it's food or money - we live in a society with a lot of mixed messages - eat this! Yum, fast food! But, if you're fat, you're evil. I was reading "Woman's Day" this morning (I was at my mom's) and the cover had a photo of a cake in the shape of a watermelon -- and the sidebar advertised an article on how to overcome your problems losing weight. Huh??

    It's the same with money - buy this! You NEED directTV and 20 channels!! You NEED a blackberry! Do you know how many times I get mocked for not having a DVR or a blackberry? Yet, there's something WRONG with you when you're in debt. Mixed messages.

    On Jillian, I think I'll have to write a biggest loser post here eventually. I have a love/hate thing with them and with Jillian, but at a minimum, Jillian's yelling and screaming NEEDS to be balanced with Bob's compassion. I think I have a tough time swallowing Jillian alone.

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