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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stats as of 31 May 2010

May 2009
60 miles
12 hours, 47 minutes
Avg Pace: 12:47/mile
Race for Our Kids 10K (June, but close enough): 1:17:50 (12:33 per mile)

May 2010
51.5 miles -- 8.5 miles less than in 2009
10 hours, 43 minutes -- 2:04 less than in 2009
Avg Pace: 12:30/mile -- 17 seconds faster than in 2009
Rock Your Socks Virtual 10K: 1:13:58 (11:56 per mile)

Total running for the year, 299.7 miles, 12:45 per mile pace.

There were less miles this month, and that was due to the fact that I ran my Half Marathon in May last year and April this year.  So, the 8.5 miles less is actually just about the amount that I would have run extra had I run the Frederick Half Marathon instead of the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon.  So, it works out.

A speed increase, and happily a new 10K PR, although it was for a virtual race, so I guess it technically doesn't count.

So, what else is up?  I've been having motivation problems.  Work, scuba diving, and other things have kept me from running with my running group for weeks now.  I miss them terribly, and it's been difficult getting out to run. We were out of town for Memorial Day, and I didn't run at all, even though I had a water belt and running clothes and shoes with me.  Granted, I was scuba diving as well, and running and diving don't exactly mix.  I should have gotten out yesterday morning, but I was sooo tired and by the time we were up (8am, it wasn't like it was THAT late), it was already 89 degrees.  It's fine, I haven't missed a weekend run in ages, so I can stand to take a couple of days off.  I don't know if I'll be able to get out for a run tonight or not (still busy), but there will definitely be a run tomorrow.

I've fallen off of the STS Wagon as well.  I was doing great with it for a while, but May was so incredibly busy (and it's not going to let up for June).  I haven't decided what to do about it.  Should I just take a break for a while?  I'd like to get out on my bike, since it has been weeks since I've done a bike ride.  STS keeps trumping it when I go to do a workout, but I'd like to be outside doing outsidey things.  I am pretty eager to get back on the bike.  So, yeah, thinking of quitting STS for a while in favor of bike riding and scuba diving.  My arms will suffer, but that's about it.  Thoughts?

Ok, back to my busy schedule.


Staci Dombroski said...

Look how speedy you are getting :)

marathonmaiden said...

i think the 10k pr should count :) but congrats on getting speedier! i love it when the numbers show how fast running is getting

onelittletrigirl said...

Nice stats Kim! I love watching the numbers get better :)

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