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Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Things Friday

  1. The punishment for not finishing your post on Thursday?  You have to change your title to "Five Things Friday" instead of "Three Things Thursday" and then come up with two more things!  Yikes!  Good thing that one of these "things" can be that you didn't finish the post yesterday! (whew!  one down...)

  2. I've been pampering myself by doing most of my runs lately on the treadmill (short runs anyway), and now I'm paranoid that I will not be used to the heat when I have to run the Annapolis Ten Miler in ten days.  The A-10 is notorious for heat and hills.  I love the race, but it's a tough one.  Right now, they're calling for 82 degrees on race day, which isn't the worst I'll have ever seen.

  3. I'm hoping to get down to Columbia, Maryland, this weekend to see the Iron Girl Triathlon.  I've never spectated at a triathlon before, so I'm excited to see how it goes.  My friend Sue is doing her very first tri there.  She's asked me not to go.  She is worried that she won't finish.  She has NO ONE else that is going with her.  If you were me, wouldn't you go anyway??

  4. This past weekend, Todd and I went to Ocean City, Maryland (known locally as going "down the ocean").  We were scheduled to dive on the OC Diver.  When I went to our dive shop to pick up or tanks on Friday, my dive store owner (boss), was like "hey, do you think we'll actually go out on Sunday?"  I was thinking, of course!  It's supposed to be nice!  Alas, there has been quite a few storms out on the Atlantic lately, and the weather prediction by Saturday morning was for 3-6 foot swells.  The visibility was predicted to be no more than 5 feet.  So, as a group we elected to cancel.  We're planning on trying again on the OC Diver in October, so let's keep our fingers crossed that we can get out on our second try.  Todd and I still had a nice time at the beach, where we hung out with my mom and her significant other*.  Todd took some nice photos, but he hasn't given them to me to post yet.

  5. Speaking of Todd's photography, he has a new account at  Go and check it out!  It shows some of his art work that he is most proud of and it is available for sale there.  
* My mom's significant other: For those of you who may be new to my blog, my parents divorced when I was 10, and my mom has been with her "boyfriend," Vic, since I was about 12.  So, 20 years total.  We still are at a loss as to what to call him, as he is not my step-father, but boyfriend sounds too teeny bopper.  My good friend Sandra has always suggested that I call him her "lover," which I do, sometimes, because it drives my mom nuts.  Anyway.


Marlene said...

Had to giggle at number 1!

Sorry to hear that you weren't able to dive.

Have a great weekend!

Lacey Nicole said...

lol about 5 things friday :) i love todd's photo gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool! :)

have a great weekend!!

marathonmaiden said...

i sooooooo snorted at the first one! love the photography too. very beautiful

Ashley said...

Great post :-). And I'd go see Sue if I were you because I think it'd be nice to have someone supporting her in person.

Jen said...

I hope that forecast for A10 holds. I'm paranoid since it's my first.

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