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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hadassah 8K

Here are our lovely, lovely Fleet Feet racers out for Sunday's Hadassah 8K.  If you're looking for me, by the way, I'm in the back row and I am wearing a white visor.  I keep ending up in the back in these pictures.

I had very little expectations for this race.  I had never run it before, and wasn't really feeling the 8K distance.  I mean, why an 8K?  Why not just a 5 miler?  (8K = 4.97 miles).  Todd and I had stayed up later than necessary Saturday night, and we'd enjoyed a bottle of wine together.  Todd has been working like a crazy person, so when he had a little while Saturday night to have some dinner on our deck, I took him up on it.

Since I wasn't feeling quite up to par, I decided to take it easy for this race.  That was easier said than done, since I was trying to keep up with my running pals, and I just felt slow.  The race was somewhat hilly, as it went through lovely and scenic Goucher College, as well as just outside the college.  We typically run at Goucher several times a year, so I'm used to the course.  The race looped once, then passed the finish line (for the 5K people), and then looped again to come back for the 8K.  This did create an interesting scenario where the race leaders were lapping us - being on their second loop while we were still on our first.  While this didn't bother us at all, I'm sure it sucked to have to weave through slow runners when you're racing as fast as they are.  Poor course planning.

While we were trying to stay out of the way of the fast runners, we were doing so by keeping to the left side of the course (especially since the fast peeps seemed to be passing us on the right, the course was looping to the right, and this was the shortest distance).  A volunteer came by on a bicycle and started yelling for us to move to the right so that she could get by.  We moved, because apparently she was what was really important at this race.  "Move out of the way, runners!!" she screamed.  As she passed, our watches beeped and we were on a walk break.  "Oh, I'm sorry.  walkers!  Move out of the way, walkers!"  UGH.  Infuriating.  People, walk/run still counts as running.

So, I ended up finishing the race in 59:32, meeting my goal of finishing in under an hour.  Since I've never run an 8K before, I have no comparison.

The food offered at the end of the race was awesome.  Bagels, bananas, pound cake, cream puffs, and Coldstone Ice Cream!  There were also door prizes, so I can say that there were some definite perks of running this one.  All of that with only about 300 total people running (across both the 8K and the 5K).

A nice race, and I highly recommend it.

Image Credit:  Misty Jones-Long


Marlene said...

First 8K = automatic PR! Congrats!

marathonmaiden said...

8k = most annoying distance to run. i agree that they should just make it 5M! but then again i'm so obsessed with numbers that it makes sense i'd think that way. and i'd likely run that extra .003 miles just because hahah

Whitney said...

I would add this to my race list just for the Coldstone afterwards. Congrats on meeting your goal!

onelittletrigirl said...

I love automatic PR's!

Tricia said...

what a strange distance...


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