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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Garden, and the Good Karma Sunflower

I haven't been paying as much attention to my yard and flowers as I should have.  I planted a lot of new things in the flower beds in the spring, but very few of them survived past the harsh heat that we've been having.  It's disappointing.  I also never got to putting in the awesome garden that I'd had planned.  I did manage to get my containers up and going, and they are doing extremely well.

For example, here is a photo that Todd took of one of my containers, where I am growing Alpine Strawberries.  They're smaller than regular strawberries (the pictured one is about a half inch long).  And YUM!  They're delicious, and apparently will keep producing strawberries all year long.  I grew these little guys from seed, so this makes me happy.  That's right - these are the same plants that were pictured in this post, when they were just wee babies.
The next photo is my Black Eyed Susan Vine, which is in a container to grow up a flower trellis.  I also started these from seed, and I'm so happy with how they are turning out!
 This next photo is my favorite of all!  It is a sunflower that grew as a weed in one of my containers.  Basically, I had planted everything in May/June and then got busy with work, running, scuba, etc, and never got back to working in the yard.  We have a drip irrigation system, so the plants get watered automatically.  I had one container with Dianthus that I had planted last year.  The Dianthus returned, and I had been planning on putting something else in that container with it.  I never got around to it, and suddenly there was this giant weed growing in the center of the Dianthus.  I kept putting off pulling it - kind of like the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride...  "Good work, Weed.  Sleep well.  I'll most likely pull you in the morning."  And then we started to see it budding and realized it was a Sunflower!!  We have a bird feeder nearby, so that is probably where it came from.  We let it bloom, and it is beautiful.  Or, good Karma, as Todd has been saying - it wasn't supposed to be there, and we let it alone, and happy things appeared!

More photos to come, I'm sure, as Todd is quite enamored with the Good Karma Sunflower.

Not pictured, I also have some herbs, including thyme and oregano, catnip, basil, and rosemary.  I am growing some hot peppers, but it's not going as well as I'd like.  I killed the poor tomato plants that I was trying to grow.


marathonmaiden said...

yummy looking strawberries! i think the small ones taste the best

misszippy said...

You obviously have a green thumb! The strawberries look delicious.

As to your flight to Hong Kong--which airline? I think anything other than a U.S. carrier will probably give you better seats, etc. But--yes, take Ambien!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Any plant is a weed if it's not where you want it. Great job on keeping so much alive!

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