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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Random Updates

I feel like I haven't been blogging enough lately, and there are several reasons why I haven't been.  First of all, I am burnt out and tired from work and from life and from everything.  I've just had a lot going on.  Second, while I'm running, I'm still in a running funk, so I have barely been able to get the runs in.  That attitude doesn't leave me much else to do on the blog but to either whine about running or talk about other things.

My 15 year old niece came to visit this past weekend, and I'm sad to report that I really didn't take any photos at all.  We went to the aquarium and the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday.  I think we had a pretty good time checking out Baltimore.  It was good to spend the weekend with her.

The big excitement this week happens to be scuba diving.  We are trying our hand at diving off of the Atlantic Coast this weekend, which will be a first for both me and Todd.  This year has been so hot in Maryland that we should have pretty good water temperatures, and hopefully good conditions to go along with it.  I'm going to try and catch lobsters, so there may be some humorous antics that go along with that goal.  We shall see.

On the diving front, I also bought some new equipment yesterday.  In addition to the canvas bag that I bought to carry the plethora of lobsters that I intend to catch, I also got a new mask!  My previous mask was actually the first one I'd ever purchased, and the frame cracked and broke while were in Little Cayman.  Thankfully, it broke on the last day, so I only had to do a few dives with the rental mask I was using instead.  Still, if you look at our Little Cayman photos, you will see me in four different masks (mine, a rental with a black skirt, Todd's, and another rental with a clear skirt).  Kind of funny.

I also got a new computer!!!
The computer pictured here is my new computer - a Suunto Cobra3.  It is a LOT fancier than my Suunto Gekko that I am currently using.  It uses a better display (LCD), includes an integrated digital compass (bye bye analog compass!), it is air integrated (so I don't need the analog air gauge I'm currently using), and it will allow me to upload my dive profile information to my computer (a feature I've desperately wanted in the past).  We hadn't intended on upgrading our computers, but Suunto offered our dive shop's staff an incredible discount that was only available this week, and was just an amazing offer.  We couldn't refuse it.  I'm really excited about it.

So, that's about what I've been up to.  This weekend is my longest run for the season, even though it comes a little earlier in the season than I'd prefer.  We'll be running 16 miles.  Fun, fun.


abbi said...

Have fun diving and good luck on the run!

Marlene said...

Sorry to hear about the funk and that you're feeling a little bogged down right now. Enjoy the Scuab trip!!

onelittletrigirl said...

Eh, funks happen :)

Have fun with the dive and hopefully your run will be painless!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Maybe the only thing better than tri gear is diving gear - what fun!

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