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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stats as of 31 July 2010

July 2009
40.3 miles
8 hours, 50 minutes
Avg Pace: 13:10/mile
Pikesville 5k 2009:  37:48 (12:12/mile)

July 2010
49.1 miles -- 8.8 miles more than in 2009
10 hours, 37 minutes -- 1 hour, 47 minutes longer than in 2009
Avg Pace: 13:00/mile -- 10 seconds faster than in 2009
Pikesville 5k 2010:  35:25 (11:25/mile)

Total running for the year, 406.5 miles, 12:49 per mile pace.

So, I've had some motivation problems for the last month or so, but things haven't been horrible.  I have still been getting my runs in, I just hate the struggle to get it going.  I usually feel good afterwards, but a lot of my runs haven't been too good while I am actually out.

There isn't a whole lot of much else going on.  I ran a race today (race report coming soon), and my next race will be the Annapolis Ten Mile Run the end of this month.  Then, it is just two weeks and I'll be heading to Philadelphia for the Rock & Roll Half.  Only two weeks after that, I'll be going down to Florida to run Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay.  That one is just a fun run, though.

The big question is - what am I doing after that?  I have a big blank slate for November and December, and I feel kind of lost & empty without a January race to train for.  The dates just don't work out for me to be able to go down for Disney's Marathon Weekend, and it will be the first one I'm missing since 2006.  I've considered the NCR Trail Relay, and then I have Celtic Solstice in December, although that is just a 5 miler.  Sigh.  I'll think of something, but it needs to be something fairly close by with no overnight stay.

As for my training, it is going well.  We haven't been doing the track work that I'd hoped, but we are getting some speed work in.  My group has done their 14 mile run, but we are going to be going above that in order to prepare for the half marathons.  We may be slow, but we have endurance!


marathonmaiden said...

i think any type of speed work is going to be really good for your group, not just the track work so no worries :) and woooooooooooot endurance :)

onelittletrigirl said...

Looks like a great July- even if you haven't been feeling it, you have been doing it :)

Jen said...

Am I reading your race schedule for the next couple of months, or mine? ;)

Marlene said...

Sounds like some exciting races coming up (I would love to try Disney's Wine & Dine!) - hope it helps you find that mojo this month!

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