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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Things Tuesday

  1. I caved and ordered new Cathe DVDs.  For those of you who do P90X, you might check out Cathe Friedrich, who is my preferred weight lifting DVD star.  She is the star and creator of STS, which I'm going to be right back on in September.  The new DVDs are Intensity (which sounds like ultra-hard cardio), HIgh Reps (weight lifting), Lower Body Blast (lower body cardio / plyo) and STS Total Body (STS-Style less than an hour weight lifting).  I'm most looking forward to STS Total Body, and I'm hoping it can be used for maintenance between STS phases.  Check out the presale, and use promo code DVD20 to get 20% off any additional DVDs that you buy!  (The presale ends today)

  2. I mentioned yesterday that we picked up our new dive computers!  Our old computers have 3 buttons, and the new ones have 4.  You would not believe how confusing this is.  Basically, to change settings and screens and view logs and whatnot, you have to scroll through a series of menus.  When there are a different number of buttons, it becomes really confusing as to what is "select" and what is "quit," etc.  I'm getting used to it though.  No, I haven't taken it on a dive yet, but I did sit and try to get to know it.  After all, I don't want to get out on a dive and find I don't know how to use my computer...

  3. I'm SO EXCITED because I have peppers on my pepper plants!!  They are Anaheim peppers, and I had no idea what to do with them.  I finally picked one and tasted it, and it tasted like a bell pepper, but was shaped like a jalapeño.  So, not spicy at all.  I think I might try stuffing them with cheese and then grilling them.  YUM!

And another, random thing...  This really cracks me up:


Kovas Palubinskas said...

That's a funny image Just noticed you have a geocaching badge - isn't that fun?

Marathonmaiden said...

Yay pepper plants. Home grown veggies are always the best. And I LOVE that picture-- too funny!

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