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Monday, September 13, 2010

How do you keep up???

I'm back!


How do you keep up with blogs?  I mean, really?  When I got back yesterday evening, I finally checked my email.  We were 100% out of touch while in Belize - I last checked my email or the internet at about 10pm on September 3 and then I didn't log in again until the morning of September 11 when I needed to get my Continental Airlines check-in reservation, and the ship was finally back within internet range.  Most of the week, it was not in internet range and the only communication option was satellite phone ($5 per minute) or satellite text email account ($1 per email).  Even when I checked my email to get my airline reservation, the only other thing I did while in my account was to check and see if anyone was signed up for my Scuba class I'm teaching tomorrow night.

So, I finally got home Sunday (we overnighted in Houston Saturday night, but I didn't connect to the internet at the hotel and relaxed instead).  I checked my email and had about 250 emails (note that most advertisement type things - not spam, but actual ads that I want - go to another folder and skip my inbox).  That wasn't a big deal.  But I when I checked Google Reader - 1000+ new posts!!!

I really want to keep up with everyone, and I haven't yet gotten into the "Running" subfolder of Google Reader.  I have 362 new posts to read as of right now.  About 200 of them are from running blogs.

So - question of the day - How do you keep up?  I admit, I have trouble keeping up with everyone on a day-to-day basis, but when I skip a day I really have a problem!  In this case, I skipped a whole week and I feel so behind!!  And, more are coming in!  I'm so swamped!


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abbi said...

There's no way I can keep up after being away for awhile...I just 'mark all as read' and move on!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I scroll through and click on the ones that interest me that day. Sometimes I read them through, sometimes not. If I know I haven't commented in a while, I try to. It's tough, especially when you add Twitter, FB, etc.

onelittletrigirl said...

I checked my Reader twice a week when I was away and every day I had over 100 posts. I already have mine in folders for "read every day", "read when I can" etc etc...but when I miss too much I usually scroll titles, and mark all read for the rest. It is not possible to keep up!

I cannot imagine how people with like 700 follwers do it!

Lacey Nicole said...

sometimes you just have to pick and choose. i wholeheartedly believe blogs should NOT be a source of stress. it's a hobby, right? if someone is going to judge you for not commenting or not reading well they are being a little unrealistic. read when and what you can and pick what you are most interested in and comment when you want to / have time. another strategy is to mark all as read and just pick up with the next post. :) welcome back!!

marathonmaiden said...

when i've gone away and can't keep up i just click mark as read. i feel bad doing it but there's always so many! and even if i'm not on vacay i feel like if i take a day off then the blogs pile up!

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