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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Linky-Loos

Away for a week, but now it's back!  These are my favorite posts for the last TWO weeks, since I was on vacation.

Food, Health and Fitness

  • 65 Cheap, Healthy, One-Dish Meals with Good Leftover Potential:  I love it when Cheap, Healthy, Good does posts like this.  I so can use these recipes!
  • What Sustainable Seafood?: Discusses how the Marine Stewardship Council is not exactly doing a good job of labeling seafood as sustainable.  There's some information there I didn't realize, and it's very sad.  Just like everything else, big corporations win.  Everyone else loses.
  • Will Running Give me Osteoarthritis?:  This is an excellent question, because people have gotten after me before about "Ruining my knees" from running.  Actually, I had more knee problems before I was a runner than I do now.
Other Things

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