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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I Love Strength Training

Thank you for your comments yesterday on my uncertainty about weight loss.  It's not so much that I worry that I can't lose weight, I'm certain that I can.  I just feel like I shouldn't.  Health isn't really a good reason to lose weight anymore, since I think I'm pretty healthy, I just eat too much... To be honest, if I'm losing weight it's either for looks or speed.  Both seem so vain.  I often wonder if I'd be happier to just stop and cook and eat and quit worrying about it.  I guess that's my issue.

But, for now, I've decided to start keeping track of my food again.  I'm counting at CalorieKing, as I have for about 5 years now.  I'm going to try to ignore the weight loss part, though, and just try and eat healthy and feel like I'm in control.

... And, I've started back up AGAIN with STS (weight training, similar to P90X).  I did disc 1 last night.  I had started it two weeks ago, and then I got a cold and had to stop.  It actually worked out for me to restart it because last time DOMS (post-workout muscle pain) was HORRIBLE, but it is better today, probably because I started, stopped, then restarted.

Let me tell you though, all weight training is BORING.  Maybe STS wasn't boring in the spring of 2009 when I started it for the first time, but now it's BORING.  So, here's a little list for me to get my motivation back and remind myself why I want to do this:

  • If I do want to lose weight, I'm most successful when I'm incorporating weight training.
  • I sleep better when I've been working out more than 3 days a week (which is what I'm currently doing now with running)
  • Um, I'd like my pants to fit...
  • Being the only girl DiveCon in my class this past year, I've proven to be totally weak compared to my male counterparts.  I try to lug scuba cylinders and equipment around like the boys, I'm such a weakling.  (This happens to be my #1 reason for doing weight training)
  • I tend to feel faster and stronger when I've been working on strength training.
So, that's all good.

The big problem I have, though, is that I want to get back out on the bike and since STS requires 3 days a week of training, that's easier said than done.  My solution for now is to make the lower body disc optional each week and allow myself to do bike instead if I so choose.  I think that will still be fine.  

So, yay!  I'm happy that I got one video down, and here's to me finishing the series!

1 comment:

marathonmaiden said...

i love strength training too although you wouldn't know it by looking at my training logs. oops. must. get. on. that!

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