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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cold Turkey 10K 2010

I have a lot of friends that have done this race for the past several years, but I've always been busy or out of town for it.  So, this was my first time running this one.  Plus, while I have run 4 10Ks, all of them were the same race over different years, so this is the first time I've ever done any 10K except Race for Our Kids.  Since I hadn't beaten my 10K Personal Record since 2006 when I ran Race for Our Kids for the first time (not officially, anyway), and RFOK is a hot and hilly race, I had some high hopes that this race would get me a new PR.

Oh, and the big deal for me is that the race took place at my high school.  Since it was the first time I'd been back there since a short visit in 1997, there was a whole lot of significance to me going there to run a race.  High school me would definitely not have run a race of any length.

We arrived at the school about 45 minutes before the race start, and found the 40 or so people from Fleet Feet who were running.  I was excited that a large portion of my running group had decided to run.  I had drank a bunch of water on the drive down, so I had to go to the bathroom.  I looked and saw that the line for the women's room was really, really long.  So, I thought I'd go upstairs to another bathroom.  I went up to the top of the steps and...  walls.  The hallway had walls.  Why was this notable, you wonder?  Well, my high school was an open classroom school, where there were no walls within the departments.  The majority of classrooms were surrounded by a minimum of 2-3 other classrooms having class at the same time, with little to no walls and certainly no doors between them.  It taught me to tune things out easily more than anything.  Anyway, apparently walls have been built.

The ladies room was locked, so I went down the hall to try another.  The school created winding, strange corridors instead of the open space, and sadly even covered up the mural that had been a Service Learning project of the class that graduated the year after mine (they were the first service learning class, my class didn't have to do service learning).  Sadness!!

Todd and me after the race
I couldn't find a ladies room that was open, but I did find a mens room.  I was afraid to go in there alone, so I went back downstairs to seek out Todd to help me out (while I'm writing a lot about this, you need to know that as a side note, this whole process only took about 2-3 minutes, it wouldn't have been faster to wait in line).  I couldn't find Todd, but I found my friend Kelly waiting for the ladies room downstairs and together we went upstairs and used the men's room.  LOL

Then, it was about race start time.  The race started behind the school, so we went out behind the cafeteria and started the race.

I started with my friend Beth, and we agreed to do 1:30 and 30 intervals (1:30 of running, 30 seconds of walking).  After one mile, though, I totally couldn't hang with Beth.  She headed on, and I stayed behind.  Todd hung with me, and we headed out around the roads around the school.  At the beginning of mile 2, the course took us up a hill for about a quarter mile or so, and I had to walk a little extra since I was already tired from going too fast.  I switched it up to 1:15 run and 45 walk, and after a couple of intervals I was back on track and recovered.

I was keeping up a good pace, and even though the course was a bit of rolling hills, I felt pretty good.  My friend Jack was on the course coaching the 10K training program (this was their target race), and my friend Chris was out with an air horn as a course official (using said air horn to yell out that Todd was "His hero!!!!" as we were coming up a hill... LOL)  It was nice to be running a small race where I knew a whole lot of people.  :)

We headed on down the home stretch, and I kept a great pace right up to the end.  Official time was 1:07:14, beating my previous PR by SEVEN MINUTES.  Hooray!  And it felt good doing it at my high school :)

After, we watched the awards, where two fellow Fleet Feet runners won age group awards, and then headed on home.  This was a great race, well organized and a nice course.  It was a great day for it, too!!

The whole Fleet Feet Group


K said...

Congrats on your PR!! 7 minutes is HUGE!

Kitzzy said...

how fun! Congrats on the huge PR!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Great PR and I always wonder why more women don't use the men's room. :)

Staci Dombroski said...

That is amazing! Way to go! I am sooo jealous :)

lindsay said...

Congrats on the PR!! Woohoo! That's cool about the no-walls, but not about them adding them later...

marathonmaiden said...

YAY for the pr! that's great :)

and props to you for running a race at your high school. i doubt i could do that hahah

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