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Monday, November 1, 2010

MBE: What Do You Miss the Most?

Monday Brain Exchange is sponsored by Jill at Finishing is Winning.

Question: What do you miss most when you are in the heat of training or gearing up for a race? Do you skip late nights out? Do you give up goodies and alcohol? What is the first thing you crave when training is over?

For the most part, what I miss more than anything all the time is sleeping in on the weekends.  I get up early to run every. single. Saturday.  It does get old.  If I have to get up on Sunday for some other reason, I get super-cranky.  It's hard to wake up early all the time, and us runners are an early bunch!

I do appreciate it, though, and it does feel good to be done with the run by 8 or 9am on Saturday and have the whole rest of the weekend to relax and do what I need to do.

Occasionally, I get upset about the alcohol thing, but it's not too big of a deal for me.  Besides, I typically have the treats or the alcohol anyway...  Just not a lot, just a little bit.

When training is over, I crave TIME.  Time to do other things besides run, such as bike or cross train or whatever.  If I'm marathon training, it takes up so much time, it's so nice to be done.


marathonmaiden said...

i miss sleeping in on work/school days. in order to get training runs in i have to get up WAY earlier than i'd like. the weekends it's not so bad because i still get up early but it's when i'd naturally get up anyway

Staci Dombroski said...

I agree with the time thing :) Have a great week!

onelittletrigirl said...

When I was writing all I could think of was TIME as well :) Runners and triathletes need more of it!

lindsay said...

Time and sleep! Great answers. The good thing about cooler weather is that you can sleep in a bit since it won't be 90degrees at 8am anymore, but not if you have other things scheduled on your weekends. I've been bad about still-allowing treats so I can't sy I've missed them since I eat way more than I should...

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I've never really trained for a specific race, just kind of keep moving along, so I'm never out of training, so nothing to miss.

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