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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Linky-Loos: NYC Marathon Edition

This week, I thought I'd showcase a bunch of links to a bunch of races, as well as a bunch of articles about races.  This is all in honor of the New York City Marathon, which for some reason I get more excited about than Boston.

First off, the promo video for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon, which I'm running this year (and it takes place on Todd's birthday!):

Another video, here's the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon 2010, which I ran, and which was an awesome race!!  I'd totally run this one again in a heartbeat, so if you are in the PA/MD area, definitely consider this race.

Also if you're in the Baltimore area, sign up for the Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run, which was snowed out last year, but hopefully won't be this year.  There will be soup.

And another thing... Sign up for RunToTheFinish's Holiday Booty Buster Challenge! I'm so up for it. Anything to give me more motivation. Non-Blogging friends, you can sign up, too! (You just need to log your stuff somewhere)

Now, about that New York City Marathon:

David Letterman's Marathon Top 10 from Last year:

I'm rooting for Meb to win again.  I'll be watching this weekend, and then on Monday I'm entering the lottery to run New York in 2011.  HOORAY!

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