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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stats as of 31 October 2010

October 2009
69.4 miles
15 hours, 13 minutes
Avg Pace: 13:10/mile
Tower of Terror 13K 2009: 1:41:11 (12:32/mile)

October 2010
58.5 miles -- 10.9 miles less than in 2009
12 hours, 11 minutes -- 3 hours, 2 minutes shorter than in 2009
Avg Pace: 12:31/mile -- 39 seconds faster than in 2009
Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay 2010 (4.8 mile leg): 58:48 (12:15/mile)
St. George's Dragon Run 5K 2010:  32:42 (10:33/mile)

Total running for the year, 579.8 miles, 12:49 per mile pace.

I'm still running less than last year, but not by as much as I would have thought...  then I remembered I had the flu last year in October.  I've sped up quite a bit, but I'm also doing shorter distance, so that helps.  Always good to see some improvement!

I finally found the results for the 5K that I ran.  It was a little slower than I thought, but still a great race and my second best 5K time ever!  Hooray!  I'd really love it if I could manage to get fast enough to break the 30-minute barrier in a 5K, but I think I'm still a couple of years away from that goal.  You never know, though, so we'll see how it goes at the Shamrock 5K in March.

Hooray for fall!


James said...

I should start tracking my improvement like you have. It looks like you're doing great compared to last year. (mileage isn't everything). Keep it up!

marathonmaiden said...

love the look at last year vs this year. great work! it looks like youre making improvements in your running which is exciting :)

lindsay said...

I did a year-to-year comparison of my month's work earlier this year but haven't been consistent about it. I am pretty sure I got the idea from you, now thy I'm seeing it here again.

A few less miles but a lot more speed!

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