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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: Fitness Year in Review


This has been a wonderful year for running.  I've made more PRs than I thought I really could, and it's come to the point where the vast majority of my PRs were set within the last year.  Yay!!  Let's look at the goals.

Goals for 2010:
Diet and Weight Loss - Exact same as in 2009, keep maintaining, and lose some weight if possible, but don't stress about it. (and 2009 was: continue doing what I'm going. Track foods to get weight down, eat sensibly, and maintain. Do I want to lose more weight? Sure, but I'm also at a weight right now that is right for me and that I'm happy with, so this weight is fine for now.)
I've gained some weight.  I started out this year losing quite a bit of weight, though.  I think I took off about 10-15 pounds at the beginning of the year, and I made it down so that the number on the scale was the smallest it had been in a long time.  Then, I don't know, something happened.  It started around May, and I just started putting on weight.  I am now up to one of the highest weights I've been since maybe 2008, but I have neither the energy or the desire really to put the effort into losing it.  I started journaling my food again this week, but up until now I'd abandoned it for most of the year.  I still want to do intuitive eating, but it hasn't exactly worked well for me.  I'll talk more about my goals for 2011 in a minute.  I don't consider this year a failure from this perspective, but I admit that I need to figure out what exactly I'm doing with my diet and weight loss, even if the answer is nothing.
Running - Complete the Disney Marathon in January in under 6 hours. If the weather or whatever doesn't cooperate, run the B&A Trail Marathon in March in under 6 hours. If that fails, sign up for the full marathon program and pick a fall marathon and run THAT in under 6 hours. Repeat until successful. After that, focus on half marathons again. Truly, I expect 2010 to be a relaxing year for running (once the marathon(s) is done). I plan to do my thing, and just run some great races.
My Disney Marathon finishing time was 5:52.  YAY!  Now, I just have to figure out what my time goal should be for my next marathon...  This was an EXCELLENT year for running, with many PRs, many great and memorable races, and few crappy ones.
Workouts - Start the STS System again in January, potentially on the 6-month rotation rather than the 3-month rotation. This should take me into summer and hopefully whip my butt into gear!
I did indeed start the STS System in January with the 6-month rotation.  This went well until I bought my bike in March.  I stopped with STS, but I've picked it up again since about September.  I'm a little haphazard with getting the workouts done, but I do feel stronger and better when I'm doing it.
Diving - Complete Dive Control Specialist Certification and begin my work as a Dive Master and Assistant Instructor. Train some people! Complete 50 dives in 2010, bringing my total dives to 245.
I exceeded this goal with 56 dives for the year, bringing my total dives to 251.  I completed my DiveCon Certification and I've taught one night of Scuba Skills Update and two Open Water Diver classes!  

Lessons from 2010
  • I just cannot wear high heels.  Cute shoes are never going to be something that I have again, and I need to just come to terms with that.
  • Never underestimate the ability of an Open Water Diving Student to do something unexpected and potentially hazardous.
  • The heat really does have a huge effect on my running performance and motivation.
  • Running through blizzards is a challenge, but doable.  
  • The blizzard isn't the difficult part, it's the aftermath of huge piles of snow and no sidewalks.
    Successes for 2010
    • Continued running for another straight year!
    • Started Cathe's STS 6-Month Rotation, and ALMOST MADE IT!  (January through May)
    • Jeff Galloway Training Program, including my third year as a group leader.
    • Three 5k Races - Shamrock 5k in March, Pikesville 5k in July, St. George's Dragon 5K in October.
    • One 8K Race - Hadassah 8K in August.
    • One 10k race - Cold Turkey 10K in November.  
    • Annapolis 10 Mile Run 
    • Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run
    • Two Half Marathons - Lehigh Valley in April, Rock and Roll Philly in September
    • Dive Control Specialist Certification for Scuba diving.
    • Completed 56 scuba dives, for a total of 251 since becoming certified in 2006.
    • New Personal  Records set in 2010:  5K (32:12 at Kelly St. Patrick's Day Shamrock 5K, 3/14/2010);  10K (1:07:14 at Cold Turkey 10K 11/21/2010); 10 Mile Run (2:00:54 at Annapolis 10 Miler, 8/29/2010); 5 Mile Run (59:12 at Celtic Solstice, 12/18/2010); Half Marathon (2:33:38 at Lehigh Valley Half Marathon, 4/25/2010); Marathon (5:52:38 at Walt Disney World, 1/10/2010).
    • That's right, I set a PR at EVERY SINGLE RACE DISTANCE this year.  HUZZAH!
    Goals for 2010
    • Diet and Weight Loss - Ugh.  I hate to say it, but I am going to have to lose weight again, and actually put effort into it.  Back to journaling and what not.  I'd like to be down 15-20 pounds before I run my full marathon in the fall.  I still don't want to sacrifice happiness, but I have my best chance of meeting my time goal for my marathon if I get some of my weight off.  Maybe I'll read Racing Weight.
    • Running - Complete a full marathon in the fall, either Chicago or New York.  I'm not certain what to set as my goal, but I think for now my shoot for goal will be 5:30.  I'm going to settle for 5:45, though.  Either time is still a PR.  If I don't do it because of weather or other circumstances, that is fine and certainly not a failure.  
    • Workouts - Biking!  I want to get more into the bike, and hopefully do a short bike race for fun in the spring.  Keep on weight training, and do the hardest part of cross training - find time to fit it in.
    • Diving - I see no reason why I will not be able to do 45-50 dives in 2011.  This year, I would like to see my lifetime dive total surpass 300.  Potentially get a Cavern Diving certification.

    I feel like my goals are kind of vague, but that is ok.


    marathonmaiden said...

    what a great year 2010 has been for you! no worries about your goals being vague. whatever works for you chica

    Karen said...

    Hey Kim... your goals for 2011.. right?? look very doable. You can definitely make 5:30 in the marathon... look at how well you are running the shorter runs with us! Looking forward to a great year!!

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