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Monday, December 20, 2010

Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run 2010

I resisted running this race for a few years because it is so cold of a run.  I admit, the toughest part of it is the walk to the starting line and the waiting around in the cold to run.  I finally did run this race in 2008, but couldn't run it in 2009 because it was snowing a little too hard.

The best thing about the Celtic Solstice is that there is always a good premium.  This year was no exception - an embroidered half zip shirt with a Ram (?  Elk?) logo.

This year, we were especially lucky because my running friend Adena offered her house to park and warm up prior to the race.  So, we all met at Adena's house in Hampden and just before the start of the race, her husband drove us to the starting line.  That's pretty awesome.

There were a TON of people at this race that I knew!  I kept seeing people that I knew, and it was great.  We stood for a little bit, and finally the race started.

I had no goals at all for this race.  I wasn't racing, and was just out to run with my group and to have a good time.  In fact, my first mile was a super-slow 12:38, which is not that much faster than my long run training pace.  The course was pretty crowded at the beginning, but after a couple of miles it cleared up.

We stayed together as a group, and ended up with negative splits from such a slow pace at the start.  Todd sped us up in the last two miles or so, and we finished strong (which isn't hard because it's all downhill for the last quarter mile).   I finished in 59:12, which met my goal of finishing in under 60 minutes.  After the race, there was soup and wassail.  yay!!

Good race, good times.

My group and me at the Celtic Solstice


misszippy said...

Great job! Glad you got to run it and enjoy it. It felt like a family reunion to me, seeing so many familiar faces...I think everyone in the Balt. running community hits this one! And yes, the premium is the BEST!

marathonmaiden said...

yay for having fun! the toughest part about any race is hanging out in the cold before the race starts! sounds like it was a great event all around. i love it when i see people i know at races

lindsay said...

I would be down for a personal race shuttle! Congrats on beating your goal time!

Jen said...

Great race! Good to see you, too!

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