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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Galloway Questions Answered!

A couple of months ago, I posted about My Galloway Roots, and some questions were asked about the Galloway method.  I wanted to respond to some of those questions, finally.

K asked:
How do you keep track of your intervals while running? Do you use a watch timer to alert you? Or do you have a garmin?

I actually have an old, old watch.  It's a Timex Ironman that I purchased right before the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007.  The one pictured at the left isn't the watch I have, since mine has long been discontinued and I'm too lazy to get up and go take a photo of my watch.

My watch has an interval mode that allows me to set it to beep at the intervals that I select.  I can basically do any range that I want, and it makes it easy.  Garmins do have interval timers as well, and the Gymboss (reviewed here last week) is also an option.

A few big things that I look for in a running watch:

  • It must be full-sized (mens).  I can't stand the tiny size of women's running watches.  My watch has a nice, large face and I love that.
  • It must have a separate chrono and interval timer setting.  Meaning, if I want to change the intervals I'm doing in the middle of a run, I don't want to have to stop my run timer.  
  • It must be water resistant.
  • Nice, but not a must-have: I picked out my current model because it has a race goal setting.  This allows me to choose a race distance in either miles or kilometers, and a target time.  At each mile, it will then tell me how far off from my target time I am during my current race.
I don't really feel that I need a Garmin, and I tend to keep things a long time.  I've replaced the batteries in my watch three times now and it's still going.  It's all I need!

i'm assuming (because i really don't know much about galloway) that you use the same running/walking principles in races as training? do you modify the ratio for different distances?

I actually train at either a 1:30 and 1 interval (meaning 1 minute and 30 seconds of running and one minute of walking) or a 2:1 interval.  I run races of 8 miles and above at a 1:1 interval, though.  Believe it or not, I go faster at a 1:1 interval than a 1:30 and 1 interval, but I some kind of sprint doing 1:1s for the shorter distances.  I tend to be all over the place though - I do 45 and 30s for 5Ks.  I did my last 10K at a 1:30 and 30 interval.  It all depends on the length of my race and the pace that I wish to maintain.

BUT - I'm a slow runner.  My fastest mile time is 9:48, and that's the pace that many of you run your marathons.  Most of the much faster runners that I know run at either a 4:1 pace, a 5:1 pace, or run at each mile marker.  What you choose is unique to you, although Jeff does have a lot of guidelines that he uses.


marathonmaiden said...

thanks for the q&a! i've always been intrigued by galloway

Kandi said...

Thanks for answering my question. I have never done Galloway but I like knowing about it. It's nice to know that people who run/walk during races may actually have a method to their madness. I can respect that. :)
I was also curious for my own interval training. I mostly only do it on a treadmill but now I have a Garmin and I already had a Timex so I guess I just need to figure out how to use them!

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