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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MBE: Races & Vacations

I've been totally MIA on the Monday Brain Exchange.  It's sponsored by Jill, and I wanted to participate this week!

This Weeks Topic: Racing and Vacations

This Weeks Question: Do you make vacations out of your races when they are far from home?

I have to be honest, I don't particularly like combining vacations and running.  Don't get me wrong, I love running and I love vacations, but running stresses me out and so I prefer not to take true "vacations" that are running related.  My vacations tend to revolve around scuba diving.  That's because scuba diving is a sport where in order to have a really great time (you know, clear water, warm water, pretty fishes), you have to go far away.  It's also best to stay a while.  I can run anywhere.

So, I tend to choose my race schedule by sticking to races that are close to home, or races that will only require me to drive a few hours.  I don't usually switch time zones because time zone changes will make have to spend more time where I am going.

If you know my race history, you might notice one major exception to this: Disney.  The thing is, though, I am a Disney Vacation Club member, as well as a Southwest Airlines frequent flyer.  This means that often we spend very, very little on our trips to Disney.  We do also tend to stay only the amount of time necessary and don't make full "vacations" out of the trips.

I am giving some thought about running the Chicago Marathon this year.  That will be a timezone switch, and I'm planning to stay a day or two extra to see the sights.  I've never been to Chicago, so it should be fun!

Monday Brain Exchange

1 comment:

lindsay said...

i don't want to necessarily vation + race, but i do want to (one day) run a race while out of town somewhere. casually, not 'seriously', i guess. hasn't worked out thus far. i tend to keep my race-weekends to 3-4 days, so no real vacation there.

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