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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Linky-Loos: Indonesia Video Edition

Saturday Linky-Loos has been on hiatus for a few weeks and there is a very simple reason why - I've been away.  Where have I been away to?  Well, I've been on the trip of a lifetime in Indonesia.  I'm writing this post before we left, but I can tell you that on our 21-day trip, we were planning to visit Jakarta, the beautiful dive destination of Raja Ampat, the island of Bali, and Hong Kong.  We started planning this trip right after our wedding, in July 2009 (we first thought of going, in fact, the day after our wedding).  So, it's been a long time coming.

This is our Paradise Falls!!  We've been saving and planning and trying to make this trip happen for 18 months now.  Before that, we'd been dreaming of a trip to scuba dive in the South Pacific for years.  I've been both excited and incredibly intimidated about this trip.  Stay tuned, in fact, for tomorrows post, where I will talk about the enormous amount of emotional energy that has gone into resolving some of the problems that we've had planning this trip.  It's been crazy!!!!!

I should be back to blogging real-time this week (at least some short posts, I hope).  Having never been away for more than 14 days, and having never gone this crazy-far away from home, I'm not really sure what I'm going to be feeling like when I arrive back in Maryland.  I will be home today (after a nearly 20 hour trip home from Hong Kong, which is at least a little better than the 23 hours that it took to get to Jakarta).  

Anyway, here are some interesting videos about Indonesia that I've collected in my 18 months of trip planning:
  • I tried to find just one video that sums up Raja Ampat and Indonesia, and I found this one, called R4 Over and Under (Raja Ampat means 4 Kings):
  • The above video was done by aquasapiens56, and they have some terrific videos out on YouTube.  If you liked it, also check out this one, which is much longer but shows a ton of Raja Ampat footage.
  • One Year Traveling in Indonesia in Four Minutes:  I became somewhat obsessed with this video in the last month or two.
  • Into the Drink: Indonesia: If you've never seen Into the Drink, it's a show similar to Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, except instead of following a chef, you're following a Dive Master.  It's hard to find actually airing, though.  This is the very first episode, although it was filmed in a different part of Indonesia than I visited.  I love the intro to this episode though:
    You've been lied to. I've been lied to. We've all been lied to about a country that is so full of beauty and love. Bruce Coburn once sang that he'd seen the face of hope among the hopeless. In Indonesia, I saw the face of happiness among the hopeful. I don't care who you are, never give me your opinion of this country again until you go see it for yourself. Need a reason to ignore the evening news and book your ticket? I can give you 17,000. So, get on it. Be blessed and be a blessing. Be the light and be illuminated. Take away wisdom and leave the people you meet wiser for having met you.
  • No Reservations: Indonesia: Speaking of Anthony Bourdain... His Indonesia episode covers Jakarta (where we were January 23/24) and Bali (where we spent a week). He talks a lot about Expats in Indonesia, something I'll have to consider after I've been there. (Part two, Part three, Part four, Part Five)
  • And finally....  Paradise Falls  This is us - down to the savings account that we use to save for vacations.  (and I should note -- I can't make it through Up without crying, even though I've seen it like 25 times.  And not even just at the beginning -- I cry all over the place in that movie)


LB said...

how freakin cool!!! cant wait to hear all about it. and i cry at up too, and im NOT a crier either!

marathonmaiden said...

i've missed the linkys! hope you're having a beyond-fabulous time lady :)

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