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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Todd & Me

Back in October, I asked around for some topics to post on my blog and some of you asked me some great questions!  I'm answering them when I can, and here is the next one.  It comes from Jill:
You might have talked about this before, but how did you and Todd meet?
Todd & Me, September 2006 (at the Maryland Wine Festival)
Todd and I met at work.  In fact, he was one of my mentors as a Java Developer.  We worked together first years and years ago at a financial company where I was an intern during college.  I later took a full time job there as well.  Todd was in IT there as well, but I didn't really know him.  I knew of him, but I didn't talk to him all that much.  I knew his name and face, and we'd talked a few times (we went to the same college), so that was about it.  When I left that company, I probably would have said I'd never see or work with him again, if you'd have asked me.

In my next job, I worked with a lot of people who had left the financial company, and had been brought from there by some managers who had gone there to work.  Todd was brought in to work there about a year or so after I was.  We were co-workers and friends, and that is where we got to know one another.

My development group there was really awesome.  We were pretty close friends, and frequently went out to lunch and did things together.  It was pretty fun for a while, although it didn't stay that way.  So, since Todd and I already were friends before we started dating, it's difficult to pinpoint when exactly we went from friends to more than friends.  He was my date for my 10 year high school reunion in 2006, so I consider that to be our first "date," but who knows.

I always like to say that I really only started dating Todd because I wanted to get closer to his cat.  This is totally true.  The Bug is irresistible.

1 comment:

Kandi said...

Joey and I met at work too! But we worked retail at the time.

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