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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have You Done the NYC Marathon?

After the Chicago Marathon closed, I started researching other marathons that I could do in the likely event that I do not get into New York City.  Estimates this year are showing that there is an 8-12% chance of getting into the marathon through the lottery this year.  Not all that likely.

I so appreciate everyone's suggestions for marathons in my run stats post!  I looked into all of them and more!  In the end, I was looking for races that:
  • Had the best travel time from Baltimore (direct flight from BWI or no longer than a 6 hour drive).
  • Include a fairly flat course, and one that is scenic or has entertainment on the course.
  • Take place no earlier than October 1, and no later than New York City (November 6).
  • Have a 6 1/2 hour time limit or longer.
I ended up narrowing it down to two races!
  • Wineglass (Oct 2)- Corning, NY, a 4 hour drive from Baltimore, scenic, flat course, 6 1/2 hour time limit.
  • Columbus (Oct 16) - Columbus, OH, a 7 hour drive or 1 hour flight from Baltimore, flat course with 80 bands on the course, 7 1/2 hour time limit.
... and now, I kind of feel more excited about the prospect of running one of these races than about New York.  I'm starting to dread the idea of getting into New York.  It's because of the huge hassle that is the New York City Marathon.  You have to be on the bus at 5am, but my (likely) wave start won't begin until probably after 10:00am.  It's crowded and huge...  and intimidating.

Thoughts?  Have you done the NYC Marathon?  Did you enjoy it?  Should I just back out?  I can actually remove myself from the lottery if I decide not to do it...


marathonmaiden said...

there's always hartford (in CT) which is columbus day weekend i believe.

i really REALLY want to do nyc. it's on my list of ones....and that list just keeps getting longer i think

Kitzzy said...

I'm on the same boat as you. I've never done NY Marathon and entered the lottery, but kind of hope I don't get in. I do want to run it, but yeah I am not looking forward the hassle and the fact that I'll be training in the Florida summer heat to run a winter marathon up north. But it was my dad's first and last marathon, he gets really nostalgic when he talks about it, and I want to run it for him. He is still running, but not doing marathons, but I want to follow in his footsteps and have him there when I cross the finish line.

Kandi said...

I've yet to run a marathon (first one is MCM 2011) so I don't know about the NYC marathon. The wineglass marathon looks really cool though.

Kovas said...

Tough to decide between the support of the big race versus the hassle the day entails.

lindsay said...

i've done nyc and it's one of my favorites ... but that could be because it is my current pr haha.

the transportation issues would be a big concern to me - it wasn't a big deal when i ran b/c i had to get a hotel anyway so i just took the subway to the start and all. but i can see your concerns with those.

if you back out of the lottery, does it still count as one of your "3 tries" before you are automatically in? if you do want to run the race one day, at least you could have one of your "lottery-losses" already.

onelittletrigirl said...

I have friends doing the Wineglass. My uncle did it last year and LOVED it!!!

What about Philly in Nov? Too late, I guess? It is the week (or two) after NYC.

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