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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indonesia Extra: Tirtagangga and Rice Paddies

On our way to Ubud, the car driver stopped some so that we could take a look at the views of rice paddies with the mountains in the distance.  Since we missed this on our drive in, we really appreciated this.

The drive to Ubud was just as adventurous as the other times we'd driven in Indonesia.  There seem to be no traffic laws and cars routinely cross into oncoming traffic.  We got to see a ton of small villages, and we passed some incredible statues, temples and sites.  Even though the distance between Tulamben and Ubud is only 28 miles the way the crow flies, it took almost three hours to get there (not including stopping).  We had to travel around Mount Batur, and the roads are slow, windy and not well kept.

We also stopped at Tirtagangga, which is a town with a beautiful royal water palace.  It was built in 1946 by the King of Karangsem, but was destroyed in 1963 when Gunung Agung erupted (this is the same eruption that pushed the USAT Liberty into the sea).  It has been rebuilt, obviously, and is very beautiful.

Rice Paddies

Rice paddies


Me at Tirtagangga

At Tirtagangga

Todd at Tirtagangga


At Tirtagangga

The water palace at Tirtagangga

Looking down at the water palace


A quiet path in Tirtagangga
You can learn more about the royal water gardens of Tirtagangga at their website.

1 comment:

lindsay said...

Gah such cool pics. Makes me wish I could travel overseas more!! Or live overseas... I'd take that ;)

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