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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MBE: Race Reports

Monday Brain Exchange is sponsored  by Jill!

This Weeks Topic: Race Reports

This Weeks Question: Do you enjoy writing your race reports? Do you use them later for reference?

I do enjoy writing my race reports!  Race reports are nice, quite frankly, because they're an easy topic.  I run races, I get to talk about the race, and who doesn't like talking about cool stuff you did?   My only problem is that I don't write enough detail about things that I might want to know about later.  I often forget to record what Galloway intervals I used, and I rarely include exact splits.

I do go back and reference my race reports, especially since I run a lot of the same races every year.  It's nice to look back and see what exactly happened and what I could have done better the year before.  I wish my individual race reports were more prominent on my blog, since I feel like I'd like people visiting for the first time to be able to find them more easily.


James said...

I love writing race reports. They're a great way to archive your accomplishments. I only wish I'd done it years ago while in Cross Country.

misszippy said...

I know I should write race reports, but other than talking about my races on the blog, I never have/do.

LB said...

i like to write race reports, and i do go back and reference them a lot. i honestly dont read other peoples race reports very often though unless i know its a very special race for them. i know when i write mine i write a lot of mundane details that most people wouldnt care about, but im writing them for myself so that i can remember those mundane details.

marathonmaiden said...

i like it A) to brag. self-centered much? hahah B) to remember everything. in the aftermath of races i tend to forget things and race reports are a nice way to keep things fresh and regroup

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