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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, my surgery that I mentioned a week ago has been postponed by a week.

Sunday night, I noticed that I had a sore throat.  Blah, I have a cold.  It's not even a bad cold, it's one of those spring colds that I think will move through quickly.  By about noon today, my sore throat was gone, and I'm left with the sniffles and sneezes, but no fever and no congestion.  When I got the pre-op call today, I told them about the cold and they determined that I cannot go under general anesthesia tomorrow.  I kind of wish I hadn't mentioned it, since I think I'll be feeling mostly better by tomorrow, and I really think it's not a big deal.

But, they know best, and so I went ahead and rescheduled.  So, surgery will be next Wednesday.  This messes up my schedule in a number of ways.  For starters, it throws off my half marathon training by a week, so I'm not entirely certain how my schedule will go after the surgery.  The way it was written, I should be doing 14 miles the Saturday that I'm allowed to run again, but that is probably too much and I should push it a week.  This is bad because I won't be able to run with my friends :(

Work, also, is messed up because I have a release next Wednesday night and with surgery that day, I won't be able to participate.  And, next Thursday, Todd leaves for 5 days for Florida to visit his parents, so I'll be doing my recovery time alone.

I'm just bummed.  I had scheduled a ton of things around this and it totally sucks to be moving everything around.


1 comment:

lindsay said...

I am bummed for you! But hopefully all will go well next week. Better to be extra precautious about "going under"!

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