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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers 2011: April

I try to do gardening in the yard, and I've had miserable failures and pretty good successes.  Let's see what happens this year!

I grew strawberries in this container last year I'm super-excited to see they're returning!

Tulips are coming up here.  I"m hoping they'll be blooming for Easter.

The cherry trees are pretty!  There's actually a third pine tree hiding behind the two here.
I struggle with this flowerbed every year, because the soil is so poor.

I want to add more Hyacinths here in the fall.

I'm going to put in a whole bunch of new plants over here later this year!


marathonmaiden said...

i'm impressed at your gardening. i totally have a black thumb. which is funny because i worked at a garden center for 4 years!

lindsay said...

Looks great! I am trying to grow some veggies... Would love to try berries - is it too late to start the seeds?

And congrats on being cleared to run/etc again!!

onelittletrigirl said...

I cannot wait to have my own house so I can garden! I love love tulips!

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