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Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Friday Update

  • I have Part Eight of my Indonesia trip report almost written, I just need to finish it up and add the photos.  I started it over a week ago, but I've been so crazy busy that I haven't had time to finish it.
  • Work has been my biggest busy thing.  Basically, I am a software developer and we work in 3 week cycles.  So, Day 1 of week 1, we decide as a group what we're going to work on for this cycle.  Day 2, I get assigned some tasks for that cycle.  Then, there's two weeks of development time on those tasks, and 3 days of testing and bug fixes before the release on the last day of the cycle (which always falls on a Wednesday).  This week was the end of one cycle and the start of another, so Monday through Wednesday I was fixing bugs, and then our release was Wednesday night from 9pm to 3am, and then yesterday I spent the day with my team planning the next cycle.  Whew, it was exhausting.  So, now you have a window into why it seems like I am periodically busy.
  • When I'm not at work and it happens to be sunny, I've also been out in the yard working on that.  I posted some Gardening Photos last week, and the last photo showed the new flower bed.  Well, I decided it wasn't wide enough, so Todd and I (and I give Todd the credit, most of the heavy labor was done by him) pulled the grass out in front of the bed, and filled it back in with dirt.  The plants arrived in the mail last Saturday, so they're waiting patiently for the bed to be ready for them.  It's been raining so much and I've been working so much that it's been hard to find the time, but we're on a time crunch now that we have the plants, so we're working on it.  Of course, there's also been a million and one other things to do, too, in the yard, so we've been working like crazy on it!
  • This weekend is Easter!  It's the first time that my family has not been in Florida for Easter since maybe 2001 or 2002.  The price of gas and other financial things have made it impossible for my whole family to get down there this year, so I'm hosting Easter dinner.  I will report back on how things go. I'm baking a ham for the first time ever!  We don't have our dining room furniture yet, but I am happy to report that we're having some custom furniture built by the folks at Stowebound Custom Furniture.  I can't wait for that!
  • This weekend is my longest run before the half marathon in Indianapolis.  I'm going to do 14 miles on Sunday because my family's Easter dinner is Saturday.  Unfortunately, since it's a holiday, no one from my running group can make it then so it sounds like I'm doing 14 on my own :(  It's been a while since I've done such a long run on my own, but it should be fine.
Stay tuned,  hopefully I'll have my Indonesia post finished up to post on Monday!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Hope things go well with your run and dinner. Bummer that you're not closer/I'm not planning on NCR this weekend and I would happily do half of your run with you.

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