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Monday, May 16, 2011

Breaking from Cross Training

I haven't really been doing a whole lot of cross training these past few weeks.  This time of year, I find it more and more difficult to go downstairs to do my strength training.  When we have pretty days outside, I hate being indoors lifting weights.  

I had been trying to figure out what to do, and then I came up with another focus.  Todd and I have made an agreement to work on house projects all summer.  So, while I'll be riding my bike, I won't be doing other cross training so that I can make time for house projects.  We've already put in a new flower bed, and this past weekend we focused on preparing our dining room for the new furniture that should be arriving soon.  I'll post some photos of the dining room once it's finished. 

I'm also focused on keeping the house tidy and clean.  This is easier said than done.  I'm a messy person - horribly, horribly messy.  I end up feeling stressed and unhappy about the house on a regular basis.  I've tried several systems in the past, but my favorite has always been  I'm giving Flylady another try - this is the third time I'm trying it - and hoping that with Todd's help, I can be more successful this time.

Flylady's concepts revolve around taking baby steps to keep things clean, and to always keep your sink free of dishes.  I've had to adapt some of her rules for me because it seems like most of her system is built for Stay at Home Moms.  I'm going to give it a little more time to see how this works and then I'll update on the system I'm using.  I'm cautiously optimistic, but not holding my breath on this one.  

So, in addition to my new "house chores" cross training, I have been getting out on my bike again.  Well, I went out once.  Last week, I took the bike on the NCR trail for an 11 mile ride.  It went really well!  I think being on the bike trainer over the winter helped me to get rid of some of my fears.  I was getting on and off of it so much that now when I'm not on the trainer, I still feel comfortable getting on and off.  I'm going out again on Wednesday, so hopefully that ride will go just as well.

Do you struggle with balancing house chores and working out?  What has been your solution?


onelittletrigirl said...

I need to make a serious commitment to get rid of my clutter!

lindsay said...

Ahh. One goal at a time. I should so implement that... Chores and I don't hang out often... and I can't even really blame it on workouts that much. :-/

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