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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Question: Running Apps for Android?

I finally have a smart phone (got it about a month ago, hence the new Foursquare updates if you follow my Twitter feed), and I would like to stop using Log Your Run for logging runs.  LYR doesn't have an Android app, and that annoys me.  Do you have a running app that you use for Android?  What do you like about it?


Kathryn said...

I use a combination. HIIT Intervals does the Galloway intervals for me, and Runkeeper has the GPS tracking of the distance, elevation, etc. I have also used SportyPal but I prefer RunKeeper. They have a website that autosyncs with your phone.

I believe HIIT is free, and RunKeeper has a free version. I downloaded the Pro for free in January and I don't see much of a difference between free and Pro.

I love using the phone, since I only have to carry one device for GPS, intervals, music, and emergency calls.

Black Knight said...

Sorry I don't have. I use the Garmin and the RW training log.

James said...

I use Handy Runner. It goes with I've been using the site since last January and love how simple yet thorough it is. The app itself is very basic compared to others. pace, time, distance, that's about it. I've toyed around with runkeeper, and think it's a better app, but I don't want to switch my log site.

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