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Monday, June 13, 2011

10-Second Book Reviews

The Help
I'd been wanting to read this one for a while, but for some reason I thought it would be too heavy.  It was not!  I loved it!  It's the story of a group of African American women in the south in the 1960s who work for white women as house keepers.  The characters are so likable.  The main character is a white woman who is a budding journalist who meets with the women to write their stories, and expose the south to the rest of the world.

They're making a movie out of this one, and I'm excited for when it comes out. Definitely read this one, it is a page turner.

The Pillars of the Earth
This book was on my "To Read" list for YEARS.  I mean it, YEARS.  It was put on the Oprah book club list in 2007, so I guess that is about when I thought I might read it. I thought that the subject matter sounded dry - a medieval town builds a cathedral.  What it ended up being was sort of an epic novel about the lives of some people in a medieval town over the course of many years.  And, their main goal does happen to be that they're building a cathedral.

This book is LONG.  I was reading it forever, but the pay off was good. I enjoyed it.  There was one character that was truly evil, and I learned to hate him.  Todd and I then watched the Starz mini series of Pillars of the Earth and it was awful.  So - read the book, skip the mini series.

Water for Elephants: A Novel
So, all of my reviews tend to go like this "so, I liked this book, and they're making a movie out of it!"  This one isn't any different.  The movie came out in May, and I haven't seen it yet, but I loved the book.  This was another one that I wasn't sure about the subject matter.  The main character is about to graduate from Veterinary school when his parents die.  He ends up joining the circus.  In the movie, he is played by Edward Cullen.  That's really all you need to know.  And also, this.

My favorite character in the book happens to be Rosie the elephant.  Sara Gruen makes circuses seem fascinating, and it made me almost want to go out and catch Ringling Bros.  Gotta catch the movie next.

The Art of Racing in the Rain
This is another one that can have a totally bizarre summary: A story about car racing. Told from the perspective of a dog.  See?  Sounds weird.

Actually, it's about the dog, but also about his family, and his human happens to race cars for a living.  I thought this was very well written, although the book is a series of downers.  There are just beautiful quotes all over the place, and the dog's perspective is funny and cute.  I started reading this one because we were heading off to Indianapolis and what better book to read when you're going to Indianapolis for a race than one about car racing?  If you are a dog lover, check this one out.  You'll enjoy it.

Something Borrowed
I only read this one because I liked the trailer for the movie that has just come out, starring Jim Halpert, the third wife from Big Love and Goldie Hawn's daughter.  (I don't like naming people by their real names...).  Two best friends, one of course is the "ugly/quiet" one and one is the "pretty/sexy/outgoing" one (same formula as so many other chick lit books) and the ugly/quiet one sleeps with the pretty/sexy ones fiancé.

It was hard to get through.  I was annoyed by the characters, and their immature actions.  Some of it seemed familiar to me, and not in a good way.  I'll check out the movie, but the book wasn't that great.  Skip this one.  Oh, and Jim Halpert totally didn't play the character I thought that he would.  I wonder if the movie has a different ending??


landlord210 said...

I really liked The Help too and found myself missing the characters when it was over. Was there a lot of elephant beating in Water for Elephants? I heard that there was, and I don't think I could stand it.

Kim said...

Yes, there was quite a bit of elephant beating in Water for Elephants. Enough that I had to remind myself that it was fiction so that I wouldn't get too upset.

onelittletrigirl said...

I wasn't into the Something Borrowed but I think it's because I dont like that kind of book! I cannot wait to start my summer reading, I have so many good books waiting for me!

lindsay said...

I've been meaning to read The Art of Racing and will have to check some of these others out! Thanks for the ideas :)

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