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Monday, June 20, 2011

Commando or No?

Last month, Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment wrote a post about underwear during workouts.  You know what?  It surprises me how many of you wear underwear for your workouts.  For the record, I never wear underwear for running or working out.  Ever.  I honestly didn't think I was strange.

I might have actually worn underwear when I first started working out.  I wore cotton clothing and t-shirts and whatever I had around.  I did invest in a nice sports bra, but beyond that, I dressed how you might expect someone to dress who was just starting out with fitness.  Once I got into running, and definitely once I became involved with my running store peeps, I started getting a lot more workout clothes.  So many, in fact, that I am drowning in them now!  That's when I stopped wearing underwear.

Let's just look at it this way - running shorts are lined with little panties.  They come with their own underwear, which is great because I find that the panties and the shorts work well together - everything stays where it's supposed to.  I've discovered that some ladies wear their running shorts with underwear underneath - even when the shorts are lined...  Huh?  That doesn't make sense to me.  For the record, though, I don't usually wear shorts for running that don't have a lining.  I've tried, and it is uncomfortable.

So, the trick comes in when we talk about tights and winter running pants.  They typically do not have a lining.  What do you do then?  As I stated, I still go commando.  I avoid all visible panty lines, and I don't have to worry about anything going anywhere that it shouldn't go.  I bought some athletic undies once to wear under my winter clothes, but I didn't care for them and they made me look too lumpy.

I guess I'd have to ask why -- why do you wear underwear under running clothes?  Is it a protection thing? Are you worried that someone will know (they won't - unless you post it on your blog like me)?  Don't you chafe?

Thoughts?  Do you wear underwear beneath your running clothes?

Special note:  I debated on what term to use on this post.  Underwear?  Panties?  Underpants?  Undergarment?  Underthings?  For some reason, I love the word 'underpants', although when I picture underpants, I picture this.  So, I went with underwear.


Kandi said...

I go commando in shorts and this past winter decided to do so in running tights as well. Ah the freedom.

lindsay said...

i say underpants :)

i double up... i dunno, i don't want my short lining to get dirty! (no, i don't rewear shorts)

onelittletrigirl said...

I never wear underwear working out. And honestly, I didnt know that people did. Of course, Lindsay is super fast so maybe I DO need to start doubling up- maybe that is the trick!

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