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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cycling Update

Out on the NCR Trail yesterday
So, the biking is going well.  I've been getting out about once a week on the mostly flat NCR trail near my office.  I've been keeping my rides to just under an hour, about 50 minutes a piece, and that's been enough for me to feel confident and get stronger and faster on the bike.

That being said, the NCR trail is FLAT and I am totally not all about going on hills.  I fear hills on the bike.  Even worse though, the NCR trail doesn't have traffic and eventually I'm going to have to get out there and try riding in traffic if I want to get better with hills, and if I want any type of variety.  There just aren't enough places in Maryland to go bike riding that don't have cars.  Riding around cars totally terrifies me.

I think that for now, my next step should be getting cages for my bike pedals so that I can start working my way towards clipless pedals.  I'm really not sure what the progression should be - what should I train myself on first - riding in traffic, riding on hills, or clipless pedals?  I wonder about this all the time, so I've been sticking with the status quo, which is riding on the flat, traffic-less trail with regular pedals.  Eventually, I"ll need to switch it up.

Regardless, I don't run into stationary objects anymore, and I am feeling pretty darned comfortable on the bike, so that is all good news.


LB said...

happy early birthday to you too!!!

ive heard a lot of people say to just jump into clipless pedals from the get go. i didnt. i learned to ride in traffic first then went clipless, didnt got with cages...not sure that would benefit at all because clipless is SO different. when you go clipless, practice in your driveway first, then graduate to a secluded neighborhood street then when you feel confident stopping and starting GO FOR IT. i fell every single time i would ride for about a month. it was scarey at first, now its just embarrassing. everyone falls, you will too, just embrace it.

Black Knight said...

Glad that your biking is going well. You are doing the right thing: step by step and no stationary bike and/or "dreadmill".
Have a good week end.

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