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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flowers 2011: May

Last time: April 2011
April 30th: The tulips are blooming!  I had a hard time getting out
to take photos because it seemed like it was always raining.  When things would bloom,
it would rain so much on them that they would get brown and mushy soon after.

April 30th: Tulips with Chrysanthemums just starting to come up below them.
Tulips are only supposed to last a few years at most, and these have been blooming for/
about 3 years.  I am wondering if I should replace them in the fall, or just keep letting
them come up until they don't bloom anymore.

May 6th: The first big yard project this year, we put in a new flowerbed on the side
of the house.  See the before.

May 9th: Another photo of the same flowerbed on a more sunny day.  You can see
the azaleas blooming (these were already there).  The new bed is all perennials
and I'm pretty happy about it so far.

May 15th: I actually moved pansies from up where the tulips are down to the mailbox.
The rain has meant that some of these perennials are really huge this year.

May 15th: Where the tulips were, now the Chrysanthemums are really starting to come in.
I also planted Columbine here in April, but they're still pretty small.

May 15th: We put in some little iron fences to hold up the lavender, which gets really big.

May 15th: My favorite flower is Lilac, and so we put in two lilac bushes.  This is
their second  spring blooming and they're starting to get big!  The whole yard smelled like lilacs!
May 15th: This is the third spring for these Azaleas, and they don't seem to be/
getting quite as big as I would like them to be.  Should they grow faster??

May 15th: Roscoe, my neighbor's dog.

May 15th: The butterfly garden isn't looking particularly impressive yet.

May 15th: We put in a bird waterer and a bird feeder in the back yard.

May 15th: I cleaned up this area, and I planted two hostas that were left over
from my shade garden project.  I'm really struggling with this particular flower bed.
It always looks scraggly to me.

May 15th: The Alpine Strawberries that I planted in this/
container last year are looking good!

May 15th: I planted some marigold and Black Eyed Susan vine
in this container.  Last year, I started them indoors.  We'll see how it goes.


Jenny said...

We had tulips at my house growing up that were there my entire memory. I don't remember if my mom planted them before I was born or when I was very small. They did start to bloom less with smaller flowers by the time I was in college, but still - that's a long time. So you never know - I wouldn't necessarily give up on yours yet :)

Mary said...

yeah, I think the whole "tulips don't last very long" thing is overblown. I think some varieties don't last very long and probably work better in some climates than others, but the ones that most of us buy seem pretty hardy. If they stop blooming, it's as likely to be because they've gotten overcrowded as anything else.

Black Knight said...

I love the tulips, everytime I go to Amsterdam for work I come back with an original bag of seeds.
Another flower I like is the sunflower.

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