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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Dining Room Furniture!

On Sunday, our new furniture arrived!!  We had a table and buffet custom made by Stowebound Custom Furniture.  Barbra at Stowebound is a blog reader, so hi Barbra!!

I'm so excited.  We've been searching for dining rooms for YEARS and have never found what we really liked.  Finally, we found a couple of pieces from Pottery Barn that we liked, but we were unimpressed with Pottery Barn's quality.  Stowebound made us the table and buffet, designed after the Pottery Barn table and buffet that we liked and we could not be more pleased!  If you are in the PA/MD area - please go check out their stuff, they rock!!

Here are a few photos.  These were taken with my cell phone, so they're not that great.  I'm sure I'll have some better ones once we get things all decorated.

Table & buffet.  The chairs actually came from Pottery Barn (they're called Seagrass)

Nice view of the table.  It has two leaves that are not in it at the moment.

Beautiful Buffet!


Abby said...

Ooooh, I love the buffet! We are strongly considering having Stowebound build us a buffet, once we settle on a style. We've had our bedroom furniture from them for quite awhile now and absolutely love it!

Kandi said...

Beautiful. I'll have to give them a look. I've been looking for something for my kitchen.

lindsay said...

gorgeous pieces! too bad i live so far away :(

i like PB's style but i don't get why they think they can charge so much for their stuff!

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