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Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Friday: Update in Pictures

My birthday was last week - June 16!  I took not even one photo the whole day,
so I created this awesome photo to illustrate what I did.  Morning run
with Todd (who never runs with me except races - this was a real treat), then cupcakes
made by my awesome coworkers, then lots of cards (one strangely from the groundhog
that I have seen almost every morning on my way into work for the last few weeks), and a
bike chain cleaner gift from Todd, and finally dinner at Baltimore's Woodberry Kitchen. It
was a great day!  My MS Paint skills are terrible, btw.
We're getting dining room furniture this weekend!
We're so excited.  The chairs came in a few weeks ago, and we had them
all lined up in the garage.  Todd finished painting the dining room, so
now the chairs are just waiting for their table!  We've been doing a ton
of work around the house lately, so I'll post some updates once I take
more (and better) pictures.
Todd is also painting the living room, and here is The Bug, who is up
exactly where we told him not to go!!  He can't get down when he climbs the
ladder and ends up scaring us half to death jumping from the top.  Dislike.  You
can see the partially painted living room wall in the background.
Speaking of The Bug, we've started training him to go out on a leash.  He
so much wants to be an outdoor cat, but we don't trust him to be out alone.
So, we got him a leash and harness.  So far, it is working surprisingly well!!
He's having a great time, although he begs to go out ALL THE TIME.
Venturing into the yard.  He's surprisingly tough to photograph while on the leash.

1 comment:

lindsay said...

Cat on a leash - too funny that he begs to go out!! :) happy belated birthday!

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