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Friday, June 24, 2011

Todd's Belize Photography Video

Back in February, Todd presented a slideshow of his photos at the Oregon Ridge Nature Center.  I've got a copy online now, so check it out!

The show illustrates Belize at its best, and features a ton of marine life that you could expect to see if you went to Belize to scuba dive.  It showcases two trips - to Turneffe Island Lodge Resort, Thanksgiving 2008 and on the Belize Aggressor III Labor Day 2010.  You'll also see photos of iguanas, frigate birds and Red Footed Boobies.

The show is about 10 minutes long, but well worth a watch!


lindsay said...

i love belize. went once in high school... but still love it. leaving this open to watch the video later today! :)

lindsay said...

i would probably freak out if i saw a lot of those creatures in person. but GORGEOUS pictures!! and i loved the zbb song. i am making it my new life song :) my ultimate goal in life is to live on an island... haha.

Jenny said...

Beautiful photos!

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