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Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Update

I haven't been blogging as much as I would like, but rest assured that I have some exciting posts coming up!  As I've said a couple of times, Todd and I were out of town for our anniversary at the beginning of the month, and once Todd is done with his post-processing of photos, I'll post a trip report.

Me and my group on the trail in the midst of our 16 miler
I've been running and marathon training.  On the 16th, my group completed our longest run so far this year - 16 miles.  I think everyone did extremely well, figuring that for many of them this was their longest run ever!  We run 18 miles on August 6th, and in the meantime I'm planning to run the Hadassah 8K this weekend.  It should be fun, even if 8K is a weird and wacky distance.

We've been doing some scuba diving as well.  We spent a day in Bainbridge Quarry in Pennsylvania on the 17th, just to get used to being in cold water with thick wetsuits (or, in Todd's case, a dry suit).  There wasn't much to see and there had been a picnic and several Open Water classes all weekend, so the visibility was very low (5 feet, maybe).  The Blue Gills were very friendly, though.  They have nothing to fear - no fishing is allowed in the quarry!

Both of us are currently assisting with an Open Water class for our dive shop.  I was at first asked to assist with this class because it was full of women, but as we found out the first night - it's full of children!  There are about 5 kids in the class (out of 11 students), around age 10 or 11 (you have to be 10 years old to learn to scuba dive).  This class has been mad chaos!!  When we took our Dive Con training, we laughed when our instructors would wander off to other parts of the pool during instruction or do other weird things.  As it turns out, this was perfect training for assisting with a class of kids.  You're helping another student and suddenly one of the other kids is on the surface, another is standing on his head, and another is so focused on watching the air level gauge that he notices nothing else.  Get them all back in order again, move on to the next student, and suddenly the first student is way over in the deep end.  Finally get through all of the students just in time to turn and see that the whole rest of the class is waiting for you to finish.

It is fun though, teaching kids.  I had thought I'd hate it, but they're so excited about learning to dive that you can't possibly have a bad time showing them the ropes.  It was really a highlight of my dive career going under the water with them and having them come up to exclaim "THAT WAS SO COOL!!!"  Adults don't always get that excited.  We go into the quarry this weekend for their checkout dives, so we'll see how that goes.

It's been hot here in Maryland, so if you're somewhere with soaring temperatures, stay cool, carry water, and watch out for heat related illness!

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