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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hadassah 8K 2011

The Fleet Feet Baltimore group before the race. Can you find me?
Image Credit: Bobby Levin
This is my second year running this race.  Last year the course looped back on itself, but this year it was changed to go through local neighborhoods so that we wouldn't have to loop over on itself.  This had the consequence of making it a much more challenging course, with three big hills that weren't there last year.  However, it was not bad.  I mean, this isn't my target race, so it's actually great to have a few hills while going at race pace for training purposes.  I did have to walk a little bit extra on a couple of the uphill sections - but I made up for it on the downhills!

It was a hot day, also, which didn't help.  We're on our 17th day in Baltimore with temps in the 90s.  Todd came along, and it's always nice to have him running with me :)  I did 1:30 and 1 intervals, and in all it was a pretty pleasant race.

I finished in 58:03, about a minute and a half faster than last years time.  I felt really great about that PR until I saw that I drank half a bottle of wine the night before last years' race....  LOL.

I still am confused about the whole 8K thing...  I don't understand making a course that distance and not just making the race a 5 miler. The food spread was a little less than last year, with no Coldstone, even though I told everyone that there would be Coldstone at this race.  Oh well.

I guess I don't have a whole lot to say about this one this year.  It was nice, I enjoyed the run, but it didn't stand out as a really great race like it did last year.


Kandi said...

Maybe having Coldstone would have made the race "great". ;)
I don't really get the 8k either. I have run a cross country style 8k twice now. I more or less consider it a 5 miler, though I have yet to actually run a true 5 miler.

Jen said...

I don't understand why organizers don't just make it an even 5 miles either. Great job on a pretty challenging course!

onelittletrigirl said...

We have had quite the heat wave here too! I love summer but thank goodness we got rain last night- its only (only haha) 84 today!

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