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Monday, August 29, 2011

There She Blows!

Fourth of July 2010
This weekend was Hurricane Irene.  It should have been the Annapolis Ten Mile Run, but sadly the run was canceled by the City of Annapolis. This is a good thing, though, because as I said on Thursday, Annapolis tends to flood quite a bit quite regularly.

I ended up running about 10 miles with my running group at Loch Raven Reservoir on Saturday morning.  It was cloudy, but dead still.  Then, those of us who had signed up for Annapolis went to the Nautilus Diner, so that we could at least do something special on what should have been a race filled weekend.

Todd and I prepared for the hurricane by putting away some outdoor furniture that might blow away.  We had a patio table blow off of our deck and shatter a few years ago, and that wasn't even during a hurricane.  The main problem with the hurricane wasn't our house - it was my mom's house in Annapolis, my mom's condo in Ocean City, and my dad's house in Southern Maryland.  All are fine, as far as I can tell (I haven't talked to my dad, as we don't speak on a regular basis for reasons I won't go into here).

My mom and her significant other, Vic, came up to our house to stay. They're in a bit of a flood zone and they have many large trees that can easily fall on their house, so they didn't want to take any chances.  We ended up having a lovely day.  I made a roast, and I continued doing some canning, which I"ve been doing for the past few weeks.  Our power never went out, and the worst of it was that Saturday night into Sunday was pretty scary with lots of wind and rain.  I take these storms pretty seriously.  Sunday would have been a great day for a race.

So, it was mostly a non-issue for us.  I do know a couple of people who had serious property damage, including one friend who had a huge tree fall through her bedroom roof overnight.

What bothers me are the people complaining that too big of a deal was made over this hurricane.  I totally and completely disagree.  This one went fairly easily, but they do not all go easily.  It is pretty hard to predict where the storm will go and what it will do with 100% accuracy, and it takes days to prepare for a storm of this magnitude.  Waiting until you're "sure" to start evacuation procedures is unwise - and when mistakes are made, people die.  So, I hope that this doesn't mean that with the next storm people will be complacent and fail to prepare and/or evacuate.


LB said...

glad yall made it thru without any damage. i agree....even though it does get annoying hearing about storms over and over again, i dont think you can make too big a deal out of weather. it is so unpredictable and dangerous!

James said...

We made it through ok too. The power was out from about 3:15 Sunday morning to 9:00 Sunday night. I also am tired of the people complaining that too big of a deal was made. Had the reverse been true and another Katrina-type event happened, they'd have complained that they weren't warned.

lindsay said...

I don't understand the complainers either... You just can't win. Sidenote: I can't win with blogger. I comment on the phone version of your page and then when I submit it, it erases my comment and loads the standard comment form. Sigh. (Not a problem limited to your blog)

Anyway. I'm pretty sure most people would rather be let down by the hype than be surprised with damages!

Glad you and your family are safe.

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