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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's Up?

I've had a lot of ideas for blog posts, but haven't had the time or energy to write one.  Or, I go to start and think of nothing coherent to really write about, so here are just a few updates!

Todd and I have had a focus on doing a lot of house stuff this summer.  He's been busy painting, I've worked out in the yard, and I also put together a yard sale this past Saturday.  I started putting it together in March.  We have a long term goal of finishing the basement (although it will take a while, we're not going to move particularly fast on that project).  Step one was for me to go through all of my boxes that I'd moved out of my apartment in 2007 and either get rid of stuff or get it upstairs into the house.  As a result, I ended up with a ton of things to sell in a yard sale.  I kept gathering stuff for months and finally had to actually have the yard sale because it was the last weekend I reasonably could this summer.

We ended up doing pretty well!  We made $300, and that was only with 3 hours of yard sale!  Partway through, it started raining.  We waited for the rain to pass and moved everything back out again, but then it started raining again and the radar showed we'd be in that pattern for a while.  We decided to load everything that was left into the car and drop it at Goodwill.  So, in addition to $300, we got a nice tax write off!

I must say, yard sale people are crazy.

Running is still going well.  I ran on Sunday this week since the yard sale was on Saturday.  It was still raining Sunday morning, and my iPod wasn't charged for a treadmill run.  I ended up going out at the first sign of sun at about 12:30pm.  Whew!  I am NOT used to running in full afternoon sunlight!  I had to circle back after about a mile to get sunscreen.  I ended up doing 7 hilly miles - my neighborhood is very, very hilly.

This weekend is 20 miles!

I'm trying not to focus on the 20 miles, so instead I'm thinking about after the run when I have decided that I am going to try canning some jams.  I've never canned before, so this should be interesting.  I ordered a waterbath canner, so my only hope is that it arrives in time.  A lot of stores were sold out - I picked the biggest canning month to start canning!

Ok, back to watching America's Got Talent, my favorite summer show!

1 comment:

Black Knight said...

20 miles in the week end, good!!!
Please send a little of rain here! In Italy we have the african heat in this period.

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