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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Countdown to NYC: 2 Months

When I think about the fact that the marathon is in only two months, I get both happy that training will be over soon, and I get really, really nervous.  The training thing is a bigger deal, I'm so ready to be done.  Long miles, early mornings... I am excited for the later, shorter runs that I'll be enjoying once November 6 has passed!

I have two long long runs to do - a 23 miler in two weeks and a 26 miler two weeks after that.  We've done 20 miles, and this week we reduced our mileage from 22 to 17 in order to give ourselves a break.  I have never been so glad to be doing 17 miles!  Besides that, I'm just trudging through the monotony that is marathon training.  Every year, I go through this period in August where I am bored to death, and the solution has always been to run a race.  However, with the Annapolis Ten Miler canceled because of the hurricane, I don't have another race until New York.  Hopefully, the weather cooling down will kick start my motivation.

Or, there's always this video:


Kandi said...

I'm in my first marathon training cycle and I can understand what you mean. I'm not really bored yet but I was so thankful for a step-back week!
You should come down and run the Parks Half Marathon on Sunday.

misszippy said...

I always love cut back weeks during marathon training.

And here's my unsolicited two cents--I wouldn't run the full 26. It's too much time out there and takes too long to recover. Just some food for thought to make your experience the best.

Please make the manual switch to my new URL:

Tricia said...

cooler weather will go a looooong way to boost your training. enjoy the next few weeks!

marathonmaiden said...

wow. two weeks. crazy! the transition into fall ALWAYS put pep in my step regardless of if I'm in training or not. have fun )

lindsay said...

I listened to "empire state of mind" on repeat. (it was still fairly new back then). I love the NYC Mara!

Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner said...

Yay for fall running and thanks for sharing this video!

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