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Friday, October 21, 2011

Countdown to NYC: 2 Weeks

I think it is just nuts that I'm this close to the race.  I'm doing ok with it, I think. This has been a rough time, since taper time is always somehow emotionally draining and difficult. Worse this year is that Todd is working on a huge project for work that is taking up most of his spare time. I just came off of a big project, only to be put on another equally big project. The new project isn't due until the end of the year, so at least I can breathe easy and just work steadily between now and November 6, and then really hunker down after the race.

There isn't a lot to report, to be honest. I went out to cheer on the runners at the Baltimore Marathon last weekend, and ended up on camera as the helicopter hovered above us cheering. Pretty cool! One of my group members was doing the half and one was supposed to do the full, but he ended up injured and unable to run, which makes me sad beyond words. Otherwise, I'm just going out and doing my runs and enjoying the lovely fall weather that we are having in Baltimore.

I have my whole marathon weekend all planned out, beginning with the Expo on Friday and possibly a Broadway show on Saturday. I can't wait!! I mean it, I'm really actually pretty excited about this race.

People familiar with New York: Can anyone recommend a casual place to pick up lunch in the vicinity of the Port Authority Bus Terminal or the Javits Center? 

As a side note, and I'm not kidding: I also have pretty big plans to make it to Ladurée sometime during the weekend to get macarons. When we were in Indonesia, the Canadian couple on the boat had stopped over in London on their way to Indonesia and picked up macarons from the Ladurée in Harrod's. They are the best things on earth, and NYC is the location of the only Ladurée shop in the US. I'm so going. I plan to buy a box and then dream of them as motivation during the race.

Since I've been ending all of these with a video, here are some last minute tips, both for NYC and for Marine Corps Marathon runners next weekend (and any marathon!!)...


misszippy said...

I love that video, each and every time I watch it! You should be're going to have a great time.

Kandi said...

Of course you can steal my post idea! :)

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