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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saint George's Dragon Run 5K 2011

This is such a cute little race. I ran this one last year simply because it was so close to my house. This year, Todd joined me. The starting line is at a church about a mile from my house, so in order to get in 5 miles I ran from my house to the starting line. This year, I registered in advance, so I actually got a shirt with a dragon on it.

I was planning to run this race slowly, as it's two weeks before the New York City Marathon and while this race is fun, it is certainly not worth jeopardizing my marathon. Then, we started running and I just decided to run a little bit fast, just to see how it felt. I ended up finishing in 32:44, just two seconds slower than last year and 30 seconds from PR. So... probably too fast.

That being said, it was fine and I didn't get injured. Still, this is why I can't run races "for fun." I'll be taking it easy for the rest of my taper.

As for the race, it was much the same as last year. 5K around the streets very close to my house (although not where I typically run). The last mile of the course was through a nearby park, and the race finished in the park. After the race, there were apples and bagels, and the top finishers each got a pie. Todd ended up winning a free spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a.

Nice race, nice time. Only 41 finishers, and no official results (The results page is missing times, and there was a rumor that the course wasn't the correct length). Quite a different experience than I'll have in 12 days.

1 comment:

abbi said...

A race where you can run to the starting line sounds perfect! I'm not good with the whole 'just for fun' thing either once I get there! Enjoy the taper for NYC!

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