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Monday, October 31, 2011

Stats as of 31 October 2011 (and Happy Halloween!!)

October 2010
58.5 miles
12 hours, 12 minutes
Avg Pace: 12:31/mile
Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Relay 2010: 58:48 (4.8 miles)
St. George's Dragon Run 5K 2010: 32:42 (10:33/mile)

October 2011
82.2 miles -- 23.7 miles more than in 2010
18 hours, 16 minutes -- 6 hours, 4 minutes longer than in 2010
Avg Pace: 13:20/mile -- 49 seconds slower than in 2010
St. George's Dragon Run 5K 2011: 32:44 (10:34/mile)

Year Totals:
594 miles at 13:06 per mile

Watching the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday has made me SO SO excited for New York. Although, I must admit, it is a bizarre excited-scared-nervous kind of excited. I keep pondering my PR and thinking about what is possible and what is not.

Side Note: I never mentioned Lori. You may remember Lori from when I interviewed her in 2010 about qualifying for Boston while using the Galloway method. Well, she did it again. Lori qualified for Boston again at the Baltimore Marathon this month, while doing 4:1 intervals through the entire race straight up to the finish line. Lori is my hero, and is the reason why I never "run it in." If you run correctly, you shouldn't have to!!

As for this month, I ran my longest run of the year (25 miles) on October 1, and it seems like it's been a lifetime since that day. I mean, it has been FOREVER. I had already checked with Jeff Galloway about this extra-long taper back in May, so I know that I'm fine. Still, I am getting impatient to actually run this race!! I'm ready, I have a plan, I'm READY! Let's GO ALREADY!!!

Plans for this week:

  1. Stay healthy
  2. Make a list of what I'm taking to NYC
  3. Get a little extra sleep every night
  4. Join pool #2
  5. Obsessively watch <-- can't help it
Speaking of, race day forecast is currently a high of 61, a low of 48 and sunny. This is PERFECT race day weather. Don't change, forecast!! Please, please, please!

And about Halloween - I'm not a big fan of Halloween (it is probably my least favorite holiday. That's right, it is worse than Arbor day). I've talked about it before. Anyway, I was going to dress up like keyboard cat and then I changed to nyan cat. Then, I decided to be what I am every year - chick wearing old glow in the dark skeleton earrings to work. The skeleton earrings are a hit EVERY YEAR. Why change?

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1 comment:

lindsay said...

less than a week!!! i hope you aren't going too crazy :)

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