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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taper Hypochondria

Courtesy of Savage Chickens
I know it's normal to worry about getting sick or injured before a marathon, but this one seems to take the cake for me...

  • Last week, I thought I had the flu. I was just tired.
  • Last week, I thought I had a cold. It didn't materialize.
  • I feel as though I'm coming down with a UTI. I've been drinking 100% cranberry juice (unsweetened). It's so sour.
  • I fear that every meal will give me some sort of food poisoning. I've sworn off of sushi for the time being.
  • I continue to be nervous that my 5K over the weekend somehow injured me in some way that I can't yet explain or feel.
  • Last night on my run, I started getting the "weepy eyeball" problem that I had for the Baltimore Half Marathon in 2008. It's a clogged tear duct and doesn't affect my running, but makes my eye water while running and makes the skin around my eye chapped and painful. I've been doing warm compresses on it.
  • Today, I feel like I have a sore throat, but I also ate something really hot earlier that might have just burned my mouth.
10 days remain!  Here's hoping that I stay healthy!

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James said...

I do the same thing before a big race. Every little ache in my legs is an injury that will destroy my race. Every cough or sneeze means I'm coming down with a bad sickness that will hit me the morning of the race. I think it's normal to have these feelings.

Kandi said...

I couldn't stop sneezing on Monday morning at work - luckily it didn't seem to be anything major.
I had a sore throat last weekend but it's gone now.
I still have 3 days though so I'm trying to be positive. I hear every cough on my way to and from work.
Hope you make it your 10 days!

Sandra said...

LOL, best to take precautions though. Also, try cleaning your tear ducts with baby shampoo. My sis recommended this for me as I have an issue occasionally and it seems to work, no tears.

Black Knight said...

Before an important race this is a common problem: too many thoughts.
Unfortunately for me this nightmare came true: this is my 8th day at home with a strong bronchitis.
Good luck and take it easy.

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