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Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick Update

If you were wondering about The Bug, he is back at home. The internist found nothing. The good news is that he didn't swallow an object such as fake plants or plastic, which are his favorite things to gnaw on. The bad news is, we still don't know what is wrong. The internist took some cultures and samples and whatnot from his inflamed stomach and we'll have the results in 3-5 business days.

Friday night, he was feeling to too good, and his meow was still strange and he was still lethargic. Saturday, he was doing things like trying to run down the stairs and then missing the last two stairs and falling over himself (he would normally jump those last two). Once, he tried to jump up on the table and he didn't make it and kind of hit his stomach and fell onto the floor into his water bowl.  It was depressing.

The doctors gave him a bunch of medicine, including some appetite enhancing ones (although I discovered on Wednesday that catnip encouraged him to eat a little). I think they worked too well, because now when we give him food he scarfs it down and then throws it back up again. He does keep most of it down, but like I said, some comes up.

He's clearly not totally out of the woods, but is better. I've just had to get him off the counter 4 times while I was cooking dinner, and he is meowing for food in a mostly normal kind of way (aka, annoying).  So, that's great news.

Here he is on Saturday, with his little marks on his paws from where the IVs were:

In other news, I DO have my NYC marathon photos, I just have to find the time to upload them. Between work, the cat and trying to get my house ready for Thanksgiving (which I'm hosting), I've been quite busy.  Here's a photo of the whole berry cranberry sauce that I canned yesterday:

Store bought cranberry sauce sucks.
Very exciting.

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Sandra said...

Hope the Bug gets better. Cats can get weird things. Is his head leaning to one side? Have you been painting inside or bringing in other chemical smells? They can affect cats in different ways. I'm not a fan of cranberries in general but home canned ones are the best I've tried. Good in a turkey sandwich.

lindsay said...

The cranberry is impressive! Glad the internist didn't find anything but it stinks to not have an answer. Hope things clear up soon!

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