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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Update

On Sunday, I started getting sick, so I'm just going through this week with a cold that is strong enough to be annoying and make me feel wiped out, but weak enough that I've still been going to work. So, while I have some updates - mostly that last week I had an awesome time swimming at my new gym, I'm too tired to write out much detail. It was kind of expected that I might get sick after the marathon - I seem to frequently catch a cold immediately after a big race.

We're also in the process of redecorating / remodeling our house. This has actually been going on for quite a while, but work kept us from really getting into some of it until just recently. We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year for  my family, and my dining room is looking awesome. So excited. We're getting close to being finished, but we're also starting on doing some major changes to the kitchen (new countertops - yay!). I'll post some pictures soon.

Saturday, our cat Bugsy (aka "The Bug") stopped eating. He was acting moody and unhappy, and we realized that he hadn't been eating his food. He went to the vet yesterday and was given some medicine, but today he was no better and Todd brought him in again. He's still there under observation and we're still not sure what is wrong with him. We're missing him quite a bit.

So, this was kind of a non-update about lots of things but nothing specific. Once I'm feeling better, I'll write some more!

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Kandi said...

I feel your pain on having a cold after your marathon! Luckily (or unluckily?) you are still able to go to work.
I hope the Bug is ok!! Keep us updated please.

James said...

I hope you and the cat both feel better soon.

Sandra said...

How is the Bug doing? Any other symptoms, call me if you want to discuss...

Black Knight said...

After a big effort (marathon or a race run over my limits) I always get a cold or a headache. So I think you don't have to worry.
I hope you get well soon.

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