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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stats as of 30 November 2011

November 2010
55.7 miles
11 hours, 27 minutes
Avg Pace: 12:21/mile
Cold Turkey 10K 2010: 1:07:14 (10:51/mile)

November 2011
60.5 miles -- 4.8 miles more than in 2010
13 hours, 4 minutes -- 1 hours, 37 minutes longer than in 2010
Avg Pace:  12:58/mile -- 37 seconds slower than in 2010
ING New York City Marathon 2011: 5:46:40 (13:14/mile)

Year Totals:
654 miles at 13:05 per mile

I ran more miles this month than I did in November last year, even though I didn't miss any runs last November and this month I skipped four runs. I took off the two runs right after the marathon because it's the smart thing to do, and I took off the two weekday runs the following week because I had a cold.  I'm all better now, and I've started up my weekday running again.

Last week, it was POURING on Tuesday when I would normally run, but I needed to go to the shopping mall where my running store is because I wanted to go to Trader Joe's and Pier One Imports to get some last minute Thanksgiving things. I ended up being the ONLY runner who showed up at the running store, and I went instead over to my gym and ran on the treadmill there. Nice treadmills!!

I've been swimming this month as well. I've been going to my new gym (the expensive gym #2 if you remember the post where I was trying to make a decision). I've been trying to make it there twice per week, and I've really enjoyed it. I didn't include it my stats, but I've gone about 5300 meters this month. I had to skip two pool sessions due to my cold. Since I'm trying to justify the cost of the new gym, I will have to make up those two pool sessions later. I haven't done it quite yet.

I came down to Tampa to visit my sister right after Thanksgiving. We left on Friday and I got home last night. Todd stayed home, and I worked from my sisters house on Monday and Tuesday. My mom wanted to visit my sister and my niece and nephew, so I went down with her to help her on the airplane and in the airport. I've missed Todd, and I'm glad to be home, although it was nice to be out in the sunshine for a few days. My sister and I ran two runs together around her neighborhood, and I had to giggle when she dressed in a thick jacket to run in 65 degree weather. I was wearing shorts!

This month, I've been mostly running easy slow miles, but this was actually my fastest month since May. I'm looking forward to running some faster miles now that marathon training is over, although I'm kind of mourning losing my super long distance endurance.  Oh well. Coming up, I have my last race of the year, a 15K near Washington, DC. Then, I'll be running the Walt Disney World marathon relay in January (and yes, Kitzzy, I would love to meet you, I just have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to get back to you!)

I've also got HBBC, which I need to check in for.  I'll do that soon.

And marathon photos!!  I have them, I will post them soon.

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misszippy said...

How great that you can compare one year to the other and see improvement! Have fun at the hot chocolate race...bummed I didn't sign up!

Kandi said...

I assume the 15k is hot chocolate? I'll be at that race too! It seems like everyone in the area is registered for that race.

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