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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stuff I Love: Philips Wake Up Light

"Stuff I Love" is a new feature for my blog! It's basically a total rip-off of Jezebel's "Worth It" feature. I'm going to feature products and services that I am totally in love with as a consumer, in the hopes of guiding my readers to new and better things that can solve all of the world's problems. Or something. Anything mentioned in "Stuff I Love" are products/services that I've purchased with my own money, and have never been asked to review them or paid to do so.

An ongoing problem that I have is that I am unable to wake up on mornings where it's still dark when I need to get up. Ideally, I prefer to wake up with the sun. Isn't that the way nature intended it to be? Another problem - I despise the sound of alarm clocks. There is nothing worse than being woken up by a horrible buzzing sound.

The Solution? The Wake-up Light from Philips. I ordered this back in September, and our lives have been so much happier ever since. How it works is that you set your alarm like with any other clock. The light starts gently getting brighter starting 30 minutes before your alarm time. Then, at your alarm time, the light plays the sounds of birds tweeting, which gradually get louder for 90 seconds.

It's such a nice way to wake up. Plus, as soon as I bought it, I started getting to work on time! Incredible! I feel better and happier, and life is awesome.

Now, I'm just going to go ahead and admit that there are days where this thing doesn't wake me up. I'm going through a period of a couple of weeks right now where I have been struggling to get enough sleep. I've been tired and barely making it through my days. As a result, on Monday, Todd had to slap at me in order to get me to turn the birds off. But, for the most part, if you are getting enough sleep, this thing works.

Also, when the birds start gradually getting louder, it makes it sound like they are having an argument that is slowly escalating. And something about that amuses me.

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1 comment:

Black Knight said...

An interesting items indeed.

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