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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

HBBC Final Check In

The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge is over, and I missed the end date. But, I didn't want to leave it unfinished, so here are my final weeks:

Here's my oh-so-long update (recorded in Log Your Run).

12/24: 13.6 mile run, 13.6 points
12/25: off day
12/26: 40 min lap swimming, 4 points, 45 min weight training, 2.25 points
12/27: 3.6 mile run, 3.6 points and 20 min weight training, 1 point
12/28: off day
12/29: 3.6 mile run, 3.6 points and 30 min weight training, 1.5 points
12/30: 40 min lap swimming, 4 points, and 25 min weight training, 1.25 points
WEEK SIX TOTAL: 34.8 points

12/31: 6.1 mile run, 6.1 points
1/1: off day
1/2: 40 min lap swimming, 4 points and 1 hour weight training, 3 points
1/3: 3.7 mile run, 3.7 points
1/4: off day (worked late)
1/5: off day (travel to FL)
1/6: off day (but I walked a lot!)
WEEK SEVEN TOTAL: 16.8 points

My total for all seven weeks was 166.6. I don't think this would have gotten me any prizes if I'd actually gotten my results in the spreadsheet in time.  Sigh.  I have some blog catching up to do.

NOTE: I'm not really doing the "7 servings of veggies" thing because I don't log my food and have no plan to.

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1 comment:

misszippy said...

Well, it's the effort that matters, right? And keep it going into 2012--you'll feel great!

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